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Published: 3/Jun/2022 21:59 Updated: 3/Jun/2022 22:52
Twitch streamer Nomeyy and content creation trio NerdOut have completed their seemingly impossible challenge to catch all 151 original Shiny Pokemon from Kanto in the same day alongside over a hundred other creators. And, they did it with time to spare. 
Over the last few years, Pokemon-focused content creation has consisted of various game modes like nuzlockes, mods of popular games, and even shiny hunting in mass.
In fact, Nomeyy is known for her interest in shiny hunting, as this past December she and her partner, Jack, caught over 190 shiny creatures in a stream that lasted over 21 days.
Now, Nomeyy, Jack, and the rest of Nerdout alongside over a hundred other content creators including the likes of aDrive, CuriousCleffa, and Vandy323, have partnered together to catch all 151 original Pokemon — a feat they accomplished with time to spare.
June 3rd, 12am – 12am BST
We are trying to catch every shiny pokemon in Kanto! All 151!
Over 180 creators already involved! #151ShinyChallenge
Keep track of everything here!
— NerdOut! (@NerdOutMusic) May 24, 2022

Announced on May 24, Nomeyy, Nerdout, and over 180 other streamers were set to embark on their seemingly impossible, possibly record-breaking challenge.
Why did the challenge seem impossible, you ask? Well, Shiny Pokemon in the Gen 1 games did not display their color change, so it’s nearly impossible to shiny hunt within Red, Blue, or Yellow.
So together, the group had to jump around various game releases to find the first 151 Kanto ‘mon in their shiny forms. With just under eight hours left in the challenge, Nerdout’s very own Jack was the creator that brought them to completion.
Taking to Pokemon Go for the catch, Jack caught the illustrious blue-colored Shiny Mew.
— NerdOut! (@NerdOutMusic) June 3, 2022

It’s unknown at the time of writing whether or not this will become an actual Guinness World Record, but regardless, this is still an impressive feat.
We’ll make sure to update this piece if it does. In the meantime, check out where Lechonk showed up recently.
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