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With summer around the corner and the hopes of visiting somewhere new, why not drive away on your next trip in the car of your dreams without the guilt of spending all your savings or ruining the planet in the process.
With international tourism continuing to rise, and more options than ever to book high-performing cars quickly, revenue for the car rental market is set to increase by 7.2% over the next 9 years. 
From Airbnb-style instant rental companies offering instant access to more vehicles than ever before, it’s no surprise more of us than ever are choosing to rent luxury cars instead of purchasing them.

Why Buy When You Can Rent?
As well as offering more choice, the rental market has become more accessible to people too with the introduction of on-demand luxury-car platforms like Starr Luxury Cars which offer a semi-automated service in just a few clicks. 
Unlike the lengthy waiting lists for purchasing the latest car from the forecourt, luxury hire companies can have your choice of supercar delivered to your address the very next day, meaning you don’t have to wait months for that first drive.
Forget high leases and eye-watering deposits for that hot new supercar you’ve had your eye on, why not rent a high-end car without the guilt of spending all that money and enjoy a shorter-term investment without the long-term costs of owning a supercar. 
From the latest high-performing electric vehicle to supercars, you can now rent practically any make and model you like and without the hefty price tag that comes with buying a supercar, once you’ve finished you can hand it back and not pay a penny more.
Reducing Carbon Footprints With Rentals
We’re all trying to do our bit for climate change which is another big driver for people making the switch from buying to renting vehicles. With a focus on providing a shorter-term and more sustainable alternative to buying a polluting supercar, renting out your favorite vehicle not only saves on emissions and helps reduce your carbon footprint but it will save you money too. 
Many of the key global rental companies recognize the responsibility they have to reduce their carbon footprints which is why many have a wide range of reliable, high-performing electric cars on offer too. Rent an electric car for your next road trip and enjoy a guilt-free adventure.
And with more technology for electric cars than ever before, going green doesn’t mean missing out. There are now plenty of options available in the supercar market including high-performing models such as Tesla, Mercedes, and Jaguar e-type to name a few. 

Get Into Gear This Summer With Rental Luxury Cars
Just like splurging on a luxury holiday, more people are now choosing to spend their money guilt-free on renting supercars, traveling in style to work, weddings, or the office without the longer-term financial commitment that comes with owning one. 
Renting a luxury car this summer could be one of the best decisions you make, not only for your pocket but for the planet too. And with more choice than ever before for hiring vehicles, it’s no surprise renting luxury cars has fast become one of the hottest things to do. 
Whether you’re looking for a prestigious car to take you to the airport or want to travel in luxury on your next city break, companies like Starr Luxury Car provide a fast, reliable service for clients traveling in the UK, USA, and beyond.
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