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If you want to learn more about health and fitness, you can choose from several podcasts.
Need some audio inspiration to help meet your fitness goals? Podcasts are here to help you learn more about strength training, hiking, running, and many more fitness topics.
Pop on your headphones and find some fresh fitness motivation with these enthusiastic hosts for company.
Powerlifter and author Kyle Hunt hosts The Absolute Strength Podcast, which provides advice and insight on strength training. If you have questions about double progression or even the mental side of strength training, then this is the podcast for you.
Hunt's friendly, informative delivery makes the podcast a pleasant listen. His zeal for training comes across clearly, and he gets equally excited about book recommendations and nutrition topics as well.
Frequent appearances from other experts in the fitness realm, including wrestlers and bodybuilders, provide even more info and perspective on the sport. When Hunt and his guests are chatting, it feels like hanging out with a group of especially fit friends (who know the technical names for muscle groups). Overall, it's a lively and informative podcast for anyone interested in lifting.
With hundreds of back episodes to enjoy, the Barbell Logic podcast has hours of content all about lifting, coaching, and setting yourself up for success. A rotating team of hosts covers everything, from beginner tips to advanced concepts for athletes.
Longtime lifters and newcomers alike will appreciate the tremendous variety of content, as well as the knowledgeable hosts. Equipment choices, appropriate PR goals, and even gym etiquette are all discussed. The podcast hosts cover plenty of life topics as well, whether that's building self-confidence or managing stress.
It's a great motivational boost for anyone who lifts (or wants to start lifting).
Join host Baraa El Sabbagh for weekly episodes covering all sorts of health and nutrition topics. A registered dietitian, personal trainer, and sports nutritionist, Baraa brings expertise to this podcast, which covers everything from skincare to meal prepping to making your daily walks more fun.
Baraa's friendly and upbeat delivery makes the podcast a fun listen, and she approaches the episodes from a positive place. In the show's intro, she explains that the health and fitness world was something she learned about later in life, and she still enjoys a burger and fries now and then. In other words, the show is also relatable and geared toward listeners from all sorts of backgrounds.
Many reviewers praise the podcast as motivating and informative, and they appreciate Baraa's warmth and enthusiasm for the topics.
Join host Martin Armitage (AKA Papa Bear) for this inspiring podcast that celebrates the outdoors. A longtime Boy Scout Volunteer and outdoorsman, Armitage is also the author of Switching Gears, which recounts his hike along the 273-mile Long Trail from southern Vermont to the US-Canadian border. In other words, he brings some serious expertise to this podcast.
Episodes cover everything from foot care to hiking gear, and many episodes feature interviews with other hikers about trails they have covered. It's a cool way to get firsthand accounts of the Tahoe Rim Trail, the Arizona Trail, the West Highland Way, and many more trails the world over. Armitage is also committed to encouraging diversity and inclusivity in the hiking world, and the podcast frequently features guests from many different backgrounds and walks of life.
Armitage's genuine enthusiasm for the outdoors shines through in the episodes, and the podcast is overall a wonderful listen for anyone interested in hiking. You'll feel inspired to lace up your boots in no time.
Enthusiastic hosts (and professional trainers) Liam Bauer and Jesse Schmidt create this lively podcast about strength training. Injury prevention, nutrition, and even social media's influence are all covered in these engaging episodes. Their friendly rapport livens up each discussion.
In addition, interviews with other strength training experts (including an Olympic weightlifting coach), as well as physicians, bring even more info to the episodes. Overall, it's an informative and helpful podcast for anyone interested in building strength.
Preventing sore muscles, getting better sleep, and overcoming a workout plateau are just a few of the topics covered on the Random Fit podcast. Hosts Ken Miller and Wendy Batts cover fundamental fitness topics in a fun and spirited conversation.
Listen for a few episodes, and you'll learn about kettlebell workouts, adventure racing, and a whole host of fascinating topics. It's a simple way to learn about different corners of the fitness world in half-hour podcasts.
If you aren't a fan of the intense, all-or-nothing type of attitude in some fitness content, then this grounded podcast is for you. Hosts Jason and Lauren Pak explain that fitness is not something you have to master all at once, but it's instead a journey that takes time.
Episodes explain how to overcome feelings of intimidation in the gym, get motivated for your workouts, and counteract the harmful messages sometimes found in fitness marketing. It's a refreshing and positive approach to exercise and nutrition.
Need some motivation for your runs? The Without Limits Runners Podcast, hosted by personal coach Tom Clifford, provides plenty of advice for runners. You can listen to it during your run for a little audio inspiration—as fans of the best running and workout apps know, sometimes a great podcast or tune can totally transform your run for the better.
Many episodes feature practical advice for dealing with mental fatigue, overcoming injuries, and more issues common to runners. Interviews with ultra marathon runners, a professional triathlete, Olympians, and plenty of passionate amateur runners add even more insight to the sport. Overall, Clifford provides friendly, inspiring content that almost any runner (or aspiring runner) will appreciate.
The podcast also tackles one of the more pressing questions facing many runners: are ice baths really necessary?
Host Allen Cooper interviews people from all over the cycling community, including experienced and professional road cyclists, cyclocross enthusiasts, and event organizers. They discuss everything from their favorite bike racing events to gear, as well as everything else related to life on two wheels.
Each episode features an interview with fascinating people from the cycling community, so it's a great way to hear different perspectives on cycling from a variety of folks. Their stories and experiences are captivating, and you'll get inspired to enjoy more time on your own bike.
Join certified USATF Track and Field Coach Michelle Mahoney for these thirty-minute guided walking workouts. Coach Michelle keeps you company for the duration of the walk, encouraging you to add in some glute, core, and arm workouts along the way as well.
Learn how to walk with weights, aim to cover two miles in thirty minutes, and even tackle a hill workout with Coach Michelle's encouraging instruction. She's the knowledgeable walking buddy who can help you get those steps in and raise your heart rate for a half-hour at a time.
It's a great way to work on your fitness with only headphones and walking shoes for equipment. Throw in some apps that reward your walking habits to gain even more benefits.
Knowledgeable, encouraging, and available 24/7, podcasts are the ideal workout buddy. Covering a huge variety of sports, workouts, and disciplines, fitness podcasts can help you learn more about exercise anytime.
Lindsay E. Mack writes about the intersection of technology and health at MakeUseOf. She has over seven years of professional blogging experience. She also loves audiobooks, podcasts, and painting.
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