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The Down Dog collection of fitness apps covers just about every type of exercise you need for a well-rounded fitness program.
Doing the same workouts time and time again can get truly boring. Variety is important, so to avoid a mind-numbing workout routine you need to mix up the types of exercises you do. Not only does variety put a stop to boredom, but it also effectively works all the muscle groups in your body.
It's time to stop focusing on one type of exercise. Instead of just doing yoga or running, it's best to have a well-balanced workout schedule. This collection of mobile apps from fitness software company Down Dog can help you create the ultimate diverse weekly workout plan.
Yoga is an ancient mind-body practice that can improve your mental wellness, flexibility, and strength. According to an article in the National Library of Medicine, it also decreases stress, anxiety, and depression in women. Aside from that, yoga is a good way to ease yourself into the workout week.
The Down Dog Yoga app is impressive, mostly because you can easily customize every part of your workout to suit your needs. You have the ability to set the level, pace, voice, music, practice area, Savasana time, and the type of yoga. If you want to improve your mobility, for example, you should opt for the Flexibility Flow Vinyasa practice. The Flexibility Flow focuses more on standing stretches accompanied by gentle verbal instructions and the music of your choice.
Download: Down Dog Yoga for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)
It's always a great idea to take your workouts up a notch with a heart-pumping HIIT workout session! In simple terms, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) consists of intense bursts of exercise with a short resting period. For the best HIIT workout sessions that are fully customizable, try the Down Dog HIIT app.
The app is a breeze to use, and it provides so much variety that you're sure to find something that you'll enjoy. To start, pick a workout mix for the day. A couple of the workout options include Total Body Shred, Six Pack Abs, and Leg Day. You also have the choice to add dumbbells to your workout if you have them available. Next, go wild and choose the type of workout, music, voice, video model, and if you want to add a warmup or a cooldown.
Download: Down Dog HIIT for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)
Running is a popular form of cardio exercise with a ton of health benefits. It can burn serious calories, build strong bones, and it's completely free. An article in the National Library of Medicine indicates that doing an exercise like running can strengthen your immune system.
There are various apps to make running more enjoyable, one of the best being the Down Dog Running app. Because of the number of options on the app, you can create a unique running workout every day. It is up to you what kind of workout you want to do. You can base it on what you want to focus on or even the variation of running. Thus, on those lazy days, you can pick Outdoor Walk and Jog at the beginner level for an undemanding jog in Mother Nature with plenty of breaks.
Download: Down Dog Running for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)
During the week there is nothing like a rigorous barre workout to mix things up a bit. Barre is a combination of ballet, yoga, and Pilates, but don't deceive yourself into thinking that it's easy to do. The Down Dog Barre app features beginner-friendly barre workouts that focus on specific body parts, such as your thighs, glutes, and core.
Unlike the other Down Dog apps in the collection, this one doesn't have as many customizable options. You can adjust the music, the body part, and the workout and interval length. If you're a barre novice, it's best to start with a quick five-minute workout session with 14 seconds of working time for each exercise. Keep yourself motivated to complete the workout by choosing the music that motivates you!
Download: Down Dog Barre for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)
For those who are pregnant, using an exercise app designed for expecting moms is ideal. Now, this Down Dog app doesn't apply to everyone as not everyone is pregnant, but for moms-to-be who want to stay active, yoga is an excellent option. There are a lot of reasons to try prenatal yoga, including higher levels of maternal comfort during labor, according to a study in the National Library of Medicine.
The yoga sessions on the Down Dog Prenatal Yoga app are suitable for all pregnancy trimesters. The app allows you to alter a workout's level of difficulty, pace, voice, music, and targeted body part. Prenatal yoga is the focus of this app, so the practices are tailored to fit an expecting mom's needs. Because of this, there are sessions dedicated to the pelvic floor, the pubic symphysis, heartburn and acid reflux, and even labor preparation.
Download: Down Dog Prenatal Yoga for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)
If you want to keep working out and training on a regular basis, it's essential that you don't forget to rest. One of the best ways to slow down and practice mindfulness after exercising is to meditate. Additionally, meditation also works well as an effective active recovery option. There are plenty of great meditation and relaxation apps available, but Down Dog Meditation is a strong contender for the best.
Just like the other Down Dog apps, it's so easy to use and personalize to match your own needs. Simply choose a type of meditation, theme, voice guide, music, silence length, and the amount of guidance. For those who need help drifting off to dreamland, sleep meditation is a good option, especially paired with some soothing ambient music. Moreover, you can choose walking meditation if you want to stay mobile while you reflect.
Download: Down Dog Meditation for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)
Doing different exercises throughout the week keeps your workout schedule engaging and fun. Even better, variety ensures that you target all your muscles equally while still giving each of them proper recovery time.
An interesting aspect of the Down Dog collection of apps is that you can keep count of your total practices and workout history across all the apps. Furthermore, you can connect the apps to Google Fit and Apple Health. Your training schedule needs a change, and the Down Dog apps can help you get started in the comfort of your own home.
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