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By Sydney Burken
Is your daughter or son interested in taking gymnastics or tumbling classes? Flip Flops & Fitness is the go-to gym to take classes. Bruce Davis, director of Flip Flops & Fitness, purchased the building in November of 1999 and opened its doors January of 2000, located in Apollo Beach, Florida in hopes of creating a safe, welcoming learning environment for boys and girls to take gymnastics or tumbling classes.
Davis is originally from Speedway, Indiana and started taking gymnastics, tumbling, ballet and tap classes at the age of 7 or 8 alongside his sister, Muriel Grossfeld, at the age of 11 or 12. His sister went on to have 18 AAU titles, with six of those in floor exercises, leading her to join the United States Olympic team at age 15.
For college, Davis attended North American Gymnastics Union under the Turners movement for one semester, then transferred to University of Illinois for Physical education. He received his undergraduate degree at Southern Connecticut State University while competing for three years. Davis then went on to earn his master’s degree at Ohio State University.
After graduating, Davis taught and coached at Miami Dade College for 33 years. He also coached the 1669 NJCAA National Championships, winning five consecutive NAIGC Men’s Championships, as well as his age group kids from his private gym. Before this, he directed Gymiami Inc. from 1969-85, training gymnasts like world champion Kurt Thomas and Cathy Shotwell, national team member.
Davis set up his gym in a way that allows everyone an equal opportunity to learn the skills needed for gymnastics or cheerleading tumbling. His classes have a fee of $10 to be paid at the beginning of the month. His gym also does not have any competitive teams, given he believes in taking the time to teach all the needed skills before going to any competitions.
Davis said he set up his gym in this way so his students can learn to confidently stand on their own two feet because when they’re on the floor performing, they are doing so individually. It also gives children of all genders around the Apollo Beach area a place to learn and become confident in these sports.
For more information on Flip Flops & Fitness or Davis and his Olympic experience, visit or call 813-641-8888.

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