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Embrace the dog days with essentials to keep you fueled, fit and focused.
The eighth month of the year is a little bit of a paradox. While we’re all anxious for fall weather, we’re still very much in the dog days of summer. To drown out those last heat waves, give your fitness regimen some bite with the latest must-haves and essentials.

From all-new superfood-inspired supplements to supercar-like footwear, August has a cornucopia of gear to help you get the most out of your final summer workouts. Don’t go quietly into autumn. There’s still plenty of performance to harvest, and these picks could be the perfect tools to reap it.

If you’re still trying to get in one last summer adventure, you’ll need the right underfoot support. The ROAM collection from Feetures boasts targeted compression and anatomical designs to help you put your best foot forward this August. We’re partial to the Light Cushion model, seen above, but Feetures also offers Ultra Light and Max Cushion profiles, catering to all wild spirits.
The ROAM collection also features Perfect Toe technology, which eliminates those pesky, irritating toe seams. Grab a single pair of these no-show socks, or stock up with a 7-pack of blister-busting, comfortable accessories. Plus, the colorful spectrum of summer and fall hues can accentuate any adventurous get-up.

Price: $18–$126
We get it. August can be a hot month, so when you’re out chasing down a run, you need to have hydration handy. Unfortunately, though, hip packs and hydration vests can be bulky and cumbersome at times. These Ultimate Direction shorts, designed by elite mountain runner Jason Schlarb, eliminate those hangups with a 360-degree waistband for premium gear storage.
The Jason Schlarb Shorts can comfortably carry all your must-have running essentials, and also feature silicone elastic trekking pole holders at the rear. Additionally, the waistband is able to conveniently house a Body Bottle 500 for thirst-quenching power at-the-ready.

Price: $79.95
Want a muscle-building shake that does the body and the environment good? Whey Forward from Myprotein is the latest animal-free protein to hit the market, and there’s definitely no bull to this performance-rich supplement.
Backed by Perfect Day’s microflora, featuring the same DNA sequence as cow-based whey, this nutritional treat boasts 20 grams of protein and 4.7 grams of BCAAs per serving. The sweet offerings of Decadent Chocolate Brownie, Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip — our personal favorite — and Rich Salted Caramel can be a nice, eco-friendly addition to any healthy diet, all while using up to 99 percent less water and 60 percent less non-renewable energy.

Price: $24.99–$39.99
We all know the expression of wearing white after Labor Day, so August is the perfect time to get those bleached looks off before this “rule” takes over, not just for fashion’s sake, but for the sweltering temps as well. Ten Thousand’s all-new Salt Collection exemplifies this notion, featuring the natural hue to help you retain less heat during those hot outdoor workouts.
The Salt colorway is offered in both the Versatile Shirt (seen above) and Interval Shorts, both of which have been go-to picks when it comes to gym shirts and workout shorts. Don’t stress over summer’s final stretch. Keep cool — and look cool — with this latest hue from one of fitness’s top-tier apparel brands.

Price: $54–$68
Post-workout recovery isn’t all about massage guns and stretching. No, what you wear can impact your off days, too. Sustainable, comfortable and downright stylish, these slip-on recovery kicks from Kane feature rubber footbed nodes to promote blood flow, as well as a slew of perforations and channels for cozy breathability.
What’s another way to wind down post-training? With a nice, refreshing NA beer, and the all-new Kane x Athletic Brewing collaboration provides the perfect footwear for the task. We’ve been high on Athletic Brewing for a while, and these August releases can give you all the more reason to crack open a cold one as you relax away any aches and pains.

Price: $85
Need a breath of fresh air when it comes to training? FEND is a portable air purifier that can help you soak in all the positive benefits of clean airways. Featuring a precise blend of hydrating salts, this misting device can help you flush billions of tiny particles as you breathe in the ocean-like solution.
As you work out, your airways become parched. Having this simple handheld — available in single or subscription-based packs — at-the-ready can help your breathing as you power through every set. Backed by Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s personal trainer (ever heard of him?), FEND could be the piece of fitness equipment you never knew you needed.

Price: 28.99–$289.99
Pre-workout supplements can add that missing spark to your training, but they don’t have to be solely caffeine-rich powders. Serving as both a stimulant and protein source, this all-new supplement from PB2 Foods boasts 10 grams of protein in a vegan-friendly, gluten-free mix.
The all-new pre-workout comes in two varieties: Tart Cherry High Intensity featuring a mix of vegetables and caffeine for strenuous training, and Raspberry Endurance Blend, which includes a custom MCT oil and caffeine mix for longer gym sessions. We’re curious about this reimagining of the popular supplement category, so stay tuned for more.

Price: $29.99
High-octane training deserves high-octane footwear. With both brands serving as leaders in their respective fields, APL and McLaren have teamed up to create the HySpeed, an all-new supercar-inspired sneaker that’s ready to rev up your movement.
This latest silhouette from APL features a three-piece segmented midsole for ample cushioning and responsiveness, as well as a carbon fiber plate for impressive energy return. You can also see the McLaren inspiration in key spots like the heel padding modeled after the automaker’s Senna seats. Available in multiple colorways — like the above McLaren Orange — this all-new running shoe could be the easiest way to get your hands on a supercar ride.

Price: $450


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