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Taking care of your body is a must for golf longevity.
It goes without saying, but the better shape you’re in, the more golf you can play and the better you can become. Here at Golfweek, we value taking care of our bodies to play the game we love so much, and we want to help you do the same.
Whether it be fitness, stretching or recovery, we’ve curated a list for you to take the next step towards better golf. Throughout the month of August, we’re curating products that can help you train for and practice better golf.
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Check back later this week for best speed training and home-practice equipment.
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Theragun – Power Dot Duo (PGA Tour Superstore)
Price: $349
Why it works: Theragun adds electrode therapy to their stable with the Power Dot Duo. Using electric currents can help your muscles recover faster and get you back out on the golf course.
The Whoop App displays Strain, Sleep and Recovery. (Whoop)
Why it works: Whoop has a deal with the PGA Tour as well as the LPGA for a reason. Their top tier biometric measurements can help you with everything from eating habits, cardiovascular health and generally staying active.
Hyperice – Venom Leg (PGA Tour Superstore)
Price: $249
Why it works: The Venom Leg is great for those that struggle with knee pain or who prefer to walk their rounds. With both heat and vibration, the Venom Leg will have you ready to go.
The TAG Heuer Connected Golfer Edition allows you to choose from several different faces. (David Dusek/Golfweek)
Why it works: TAG Heuer is synonymous with performance and luxury. With 40,000 courses preloaded, you’re sure to have your numbers in style wherever you play. If you’re in the market for a wearable or a GPS, click here.
Chirp Wheel+ Foam Roller Set- $120. (Amazon)
Price: (on sale from $130)
Why it works: Back and spine health are important for all aspects of life, but especially for playing golf. These Chirp wheels help you stretch those back muscles and release pressure and tension in your spine which is great for pre and post-round training.
Hyperice – NormaTec Pulse 2.0 Full Body (PGA Tour Superstore)
Price: $1,549 (On sale from $1,895)
Why it works: If you want to splurge, the NormaTec is more than worth the investment. Used by Tiger Woods and countless other PGA and LPGA professionals, the NormaTec uses pressure to give you a zero gravity feel to help with blood flow and help your muscles recover quickly.
Theragun – Wave Roller (PGA Tour Superstore)
Price: $99 (On sale from $149)
Why it works: Foam rollers are one of the biggest travel items on the tours. This Theragun rendition combines vibration into the roller to help get just that much deeper when working your muscle groups.
Hackmotion is an innovative wrist sensor that helps players improve impact position and swing consistency (Hackmotion)
Price: $395
Why it works: Providing live swing feedback, the Hackmotion gives you visuals and numbers to help you recognize a good swing path. This is not to replace a swing coach but rather complement one. Hackmotion can help you groove what your coach is working on you with when you’re not able to get on the lesson tee.
Theragun – Mini (PGA Tour Superstore)
Price: $159 (On sale from $199)
Why it works: A true life saver when on the road for many professionals, the Theragun Mini is a great purchase. With a one hand grip design, the Mini allows you to get places you wouldn’t be able to get with the bigger models on the market.
Versa 2 (FitBit)
Price: $120 (on sale from $150)
Why it works: FitBit is a great way to track your daily fitness goals and habits. It’s also able to be paired with a third party app to double as a golf GPS when on the course.
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