John Fetterman infantilizes blacks to oppose voter ID laws – Washington Examiner

The constant attempt by Democrats to turn voter ID laws into a racial issue has always forced them to imply that nonwhites aren’t smart enough to get valid forms of identification.
And that happens to be the position of Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman (D).
During his time as lieutenant governor, Fetterman opposed voter ID laws, calling them “outrageous,” “illogical,” and “unfair.” He alleged that people “on the poorer side and people of color” are “less likely to have their ID at any one given time.” And yes, unsurprisingly, he compared voter ID laws to Jim Crow and claimed that he was “horrified” by them.
But just how “Jim Crow” are voter ID laws? According to a 2015 study, 87% of black people reported having a government ID, along with 90% of Hispanics and 95% of white people. Some 69% of black voters support voter ID laws, along with 60% of Democrats.
There is no evidence that such laws lead to “voter suppression,” despite Democrats’ constant assertions to the contrary.
On top of the ludicrous claim from white politicians such as Fetterman that black people are incapable of getting IDs, there is the issue of requiring identification in nearly all other areas of life. Fetterman claims it is racist to require people to have an ID to vote, but it is not racist to require them to have an ID to apply for any job, drive, buy alcohol, fly, enter nearly any office building, open a bank account, rent or buy a car, rent or buy a home, apply for welfare, receive Medicaid, receive Medicare or Social Security benefits, claim unemployment benefits, cash a check … well, it might actually be easier to list out things that don’t require government-issued picture identification.
Are Fetterman and other Democrats calling for eliminating all of those ID requirements? If voter ID laws are racist because black people are incapable of getting identification, then why is it acceptable to exclude them from doing any of the things listed above?
That would be the logical takeaway, but Fetterman and other Democrats don’t want to address any of that. They just want to infantilize black people as an excuse for opposing hugely popular voter ID laws.
Blacks are perfectly capable of getting identification. Indeed, the vast majority already have them and already support voter ID laws. Fetterman should give them a little credit and find another lame excuse to oppose laws that all sane voters support.
He also shouldn’t chase down black joggers while armed, but that hasn’t stopped him before.


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