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Tyler Valenzia is an active duty U.S. Marine and fitness influencer on social media. He works as an RTCASS Technician and is also a Martial Arts Instructor for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Tyler is a Corporal in the Marine Corps and is currently 23 years of age. He has been in the service for over 4 years now and has been weight training for about 10 years. Outside of his daily tasks as an active duty U.S. Marine. Cpl Valenzia finds time outside of work to train and film his workouts to share with his followers on his social media platforms. Tyler has become an internet sensation on TikTok @realtylervalenzia by posting his workouts online. His videos on TikTok alone have reached millions of views on many videos. His following on TikTok has reached over 750K and is still growing daily!
Tyler is also a sponsored by MuscleTech athlete. Representing the company Muscle Tech in his videos, he promotes physical fitness as well as the supplements that he consumes working toward his fitness goals. One of the main supplements is Muscle Tech’s newest product, a pre-workout called “Euphoriq” which is fueled by a revolutionary energy ingredient, “enfinity.” This product can be found by visiting muscletech.com.
Overall, Tyler has a true passion for fitness as well as helping others to achieve their goals. He created his own fitness app called “Valenzia Fitness” which can be found by visiting valenziafitness.app. This app allows anyone to follow his workout routines as well as give nutrition advice and training advice. This app also helps others to train along with Tyler and see how he was able to achieve his physique naturally through training and hard work.
Tyler’s biggest issue at this point is the amount of people attempting to impersonate him. “This is becoming outrageous he said” with multiple fake Instagram accounts and Tiktok accounts being made daily using Tyler’s name. This problem had grown immensely over the past 6 months as Tylers TikTok videos went viral and his consistent growth on Instagram.
Tyler’s plans for the near future is to become a NASM-certified personal trainer and to continue helping and inspiring others. Tyler Valenzia’s dream and his message is to help show others that anything is possible. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you were brought up. Anyone can make a positive impact! Tyler stated “No, dreams are too big or too small. If you believe in yourself and work towards your goals everyday nothing will stop you!”
Instagram: @tylervalenziaofficial
TikTok: @realtylervalenzia
Fitness App: valenziafitness.app
MuscleTech: muscletech.com
YouTube: TylerValenzia


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