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Concrete poured; initial physical structures being installed
By Michael Downing
KU’s effort to develop an interactive fitness court in memory of Keith Haring is proceeding according to plan. Located on campus near the intersection of Baldy Street and Normal Avenue, the undertaking is intended to promote health and wellness in the Kutztown community.
In cooperation with Kutztown Community Partnership (KCP), the overarching idea is to highlight health and wellbeing in the Kutztown community, with Haring’s art integrated into every element.
As of Sept. 22, 2022, the plot has been cleared and leveled, concrete poured and an initial physical structure has been installed. Keith Haring was an activist and artist whose work is known worldwide. Born in Reading and raised in Kutztown, Haring’s work is widely celebrated in Berks County.
KU President Dr. Kenneth Hawkinson said that KU is “thrilled to partner with KCP to bring a state-of-the art outdoor fitness center to our community…The Keith Haring theme is particularly exciting as it ties in so many strong aspects of our community, including health and fitness, art, history, education, town-gown relations, support of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) initiatives and more.”
According to a university press release from March 2022, the cost of the project is $200,000 plus maintenance costs.
The release indicates that the KU Foundation is raising funds and accepting inquiries for sponsorships. Donors can support the project at Keith Haring Fitness Court at Kutztown University.
Sandy Green, KU’s community liaison and government relations assistant and KCP’s community liaison, said, “We have an amazing opportunity to transform one of Kutztown’s highly visible locations, the corner of Normal Avenue and South Baldy Street, into an iconic destination point. The Keith Haring Outdoor Fitness Court will be part art gallery, part outdoor gym and a point of pride for Kutztown.” For more information, visit Fitness Court Public Art.
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