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If you are one of Tastemade’s over 1.65 million global subscribers and 300 million monthly viewers, you may be familiar with French fry-wrapped corn dogs oozing out cheese or bacon-wrapped potato volcanoes overflowing with creamy goodness.
Enjoying these visceral delights online can be akin to a treasure hunt — an exciting dive into the unknown. To provide a more tangible Tastemade experience and easy recipes, the global cooking community released its first physical guide, Make This Tonight. This essential cookbook lays out a dynamic mix of 100 of Tastemade’s best recipes all easily accessible at the end of flour-covered fingertips.
Here at The Manual, we’ve got the inside scoop for our readers — six of the best Tastemade recipes in Make This Tonight.
Tastemade claims that this Caesar has the ability to claim the heart of even the most hardcore carnivores.
“If there is a person in your life who claims to hate salad, we recommend trying out this recipe on them,” Tastemade writes in Make This Tonight.
Towardstempting these meat-eaters, the global food community begins with lettuce as its canvas, dolloping on a generous layer of homemade Caesar dressing and dashing in hard-boiled yolks, vinegar, lemon juice, and Dijon for acid, and a generous serving of chopped anchovies for umami depth. Tastemade even gives the option to swap out healthier kale and other greens if Romaine lettuce doesn’t do the trick.
If perfectly crisped chicken sounds like a perfect dinner, it’s time to break out the cast-iron skillet. This straightforward dish offers a straight shot of protein and greens. Creative cooks can feel free to dress it up, down, or any way they like, based on what mood strikes. Before you begin, make sure that a meat thermometer is also on hand to test the chicken’s inside temp.
Worried about kale in the oven? This Tastemade recipe not only asserts that the sturdy green maintains in the oven, but makes cooking easier — leave in the veggie’s thick, central ribs as they’ll keep kale’s structure and add a nice crunch to the finished dish.
Serve this cast-iron chicken over any grain for a well-rounded meal, boldly checking the boxes for protein, veggies, and carbs. Diners down with dairy can even add a dash of hot sauce and a dollop of yogurt for a nice contrast of taste and texture.
Feel like a bit of Caribbean flavor in your dinner? Tastemade’s curry shrimp sprouts from Jamaican roots to deliver a flavorful and easy-to-make dish indicative of the tropical island. Tossed with curry powder, these skillet-fried shellfish might just become a dinner favorite with their wonderful balance of spice and bright color. Multi-colored bell peppers, crisped tender, add to this melange, which pops over white rice.
This complete and filling dinner treat comes together with ease for at-home cooks.
When hunger strikes, stores are dark, and restaurants are closed, don’t make a regretful fast food run. Instead, fire up this easy pasta dish. Bursting with flavor, anchovy spaghetti can be enjoyed alone in the dark or side-by-side with an intimate partner.
This late-night pasta dish can help satisfy with just a few convenient (and substitutable) items from the pantry.
“We’re willing to bet you have the makings of this savory, salty pasta dish already there,” Tastemade writes. “This recipe might just be the epitome of what we mean when we say Make This Tonight…”
One of Spain’s signature dishes, a Spanish tortilla is a subtly challenging dish made using only eggs, thinly sliced potatoes, diced onions, and a sprinkling of salt. The addition of onion in the tortilla, however, might strike purists as controversial. Diehards may insist that a true tortilla solely contains eggs and potatoes, “sin cebollitas” (the “without the little onions”). Nada mas. Home cooks can decide for themselves, but Tastemade is firmly on the side of cebollitas.
“We think more is more.”
In that spirit, this Spanish tortilla recipe has the potential to be a great canvas for myriad add-ins and/or leftovers — Spanish peppers, tuna, eggplant, and more. Eggs, of course, are a delicate delicacy. Cook longer to set firm or leave a little runny. Either way, serve this up as an appetizer for six to eight people.
For vegans, desserts can be limited without the option of eggs. Fortunately, Tastemade is here with an easy plan based on a midcentury “ration cake,” using pantry staples sans yolks. Leavening this vegan chocolate cake depends instead on baking soda combined with two acidic ingredients: natural cocoa powder and vinegar. A critical note: make sure not to substitute alkalized Dutch process cocoa for the more acidic natural cocoa powder. Also, don’t use vinegar with less than 5% acidity.
Bakers that want to level up to layer cake, bake two versions in two pans, and stack ‘em high.
This is just a taste of Tastemade’s delicious, simple, step-by-step guide to the homecooked side. Get all 100 mouth-watering, approachable dishes in Make This Tonight, now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.
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