Gaming and Leisure completes deal for Maryland casino – Reading Eagle

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Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc. recently announced the completion of its previously announced transaction to acquire the land and real estate assets of Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland from The Cordish Companies for $1.14 billion.
The transaction includes not only the land and real estate assets of Live! Maryland, but also a partnership for future Cordish casino developments, as well as potential financing partnerships between Wyomissing-based GLPI and Baltimore-based Cordish in other areas of Cordish’s portfolio of real estate and operating businesses.
The company funded the transaction by assuming approximately $363 million in debt and issuing approximately $200 million of operating partnership units, with the balance paid out of cash on hand, which was in part generated by its recent issuance of senior unsecured notes and common stock.
Cordish will continue its uninterrupted ownership, control and management of the operations of Live! Maryland, which is located near Baltimore. The lease has an initial annual cash rent of $75 million and an initial term of 39 years with a maximum term of 60 years, inclusive of tenant renewal options, as well as a fixed annual lease escalation of 1.75% beginning in the lease’s third year.
Live! Maryland is situated on approximately 36.4 acres adjacent to the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, Md. The property features roughly 4,000 slot machines and electronic table games, approximately 200 live table games including a poker room with 52 tables, a sportsbook, parking for more than 7,000 vehicles in a six-story parking garage and adjacent surface lots, 310 hotel rooms, a state-of-the-art live entertainment venue, and restaurants such as Bobby’s Burger Palace, The Cheesecake Factory and The Prime Rib.
“We are delighted to add Live! Maryland to our portfolio, further diversify our roster of leading operators, and gain additional access to the rapidly growing Baltimore-Washington corridor via a truly world-class property,” Peter Carlino, chairman and CEO of GLPI said in a statement. “The Cordish Companies is world renowned for creating large-scale experiential real estate projects, casinos, hospitality and entertainment districts and we believe their Live! brand and their Live! Maryland together exemplify their track record of development and operating success.
“Further, our new lease with Cordish has strong rent coverage and is part of an accretive overall transaction that positions our Company to continue to build value for shareholders through via our industry leading, high quality tenant roster. We are excited to welcome Live! Maryland to the GLPI family and we look forward to working with their team to ensure the long-term success of the property,” Carlino said.
GLPI said it also completed on Dec. 17, the previously announced sale of the operations of Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge to Casino Queen Holding Company for $28.2 million. The company and Casino Queen also entered into an amended and restated master lease that includes both Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge and the DraftKings at Casino Queen property for combined annual cash rent of approximately $21.4 million. The master lease has an initial term of 15 years with four 5-year extensions.
In other news, GLPI said it remains on track to complete its previously announced acquisition of the real property assets of Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia and Live! Casino Pittsburgh in early 2022, subject to receipt of required regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.
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Man indicted in plot to steal cash boxes from slot machines at 7 restaurants – KLAS – 8 News Now

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Posted: Jun 22, 2022 / 08:49 AM PDT
Updated: Jun 22, 2022 / 09:20 AM PDT
26-count indictment contains details of 2021 crimes
Posted: Jun 22, 2022 / 08:49 AM PDT
Updated: Jun 22, 2022 / 09:20 AM PDT
LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A 38-year-old Las Vegas man has been indicted on 26 counts including burglary, theft, forgery, identity theft, possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of ID cards.
Eric Christopher Johnson is in custody at the Clark County Detention Center awaiting a preliminary hearing today. Jail records indicate he was arrested on Nov. 9, 2021.
The indictment, handed down by a Clark County grand jury on June 8, shows that Johnson tried to steal from valley businesses between June 1, 2021, and July 23, 2021. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office said he went into the restaurants with the intent to steal cash boxes from slot machines.
A forged check for $1,200 cashed at the Santa Fe Hotel & Casino is the basis for three counts in the indictment: burglary of a business, attempted theft and forgery.
The indictment lists eight counts of burglary at seven different valley restaurants. A theft count in the indictment states that the value of the stolen property was in excess of $5,000.
The businesses that were targeted:
The remainder of the counts contained in the indictment are related to possession of ID — a passport, three credit cards, two driver’s licenses and a U.S. Uniformed Services ID — conspiracy, forgery and possession of burglary tools to break into mailboxes.
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Slot Machines Bring In Billions, So Why Are So Many Casinos Removing Them? – Forbes

The Spin Crowd: Slots rang up more than two thirds of Nevada’s $13.4 billion in gaming revenue last year—but the casinos are winning more with fewer of them.
In April, Steve, a 35-year-old filmmaker from Los Angeles, was at the Venetian in Las Vegas playing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine and feeling like a million bucks. He was taking $7 spins and after an hour of sinking $500 into the machine, Steve got a gold spin bonus and won $700. The next day, he was still feeling lucky and found what he thought was a “hot” machine. He fed it $200 and lost it all within minutes. He ran to the ATM to get another $200, lost again, and finally walked away—after losing $1,400.
To professional sports bettor and veteran advantage game player who goes by the nom de casino Captain Jack Andrews, what happened to Steve is textbook. “They will all lose their money,” Andrews says. “It’s just about how quickly they will lose.”
After all, slot machines have long been the cash cow of casinos—accounting for nearly 69% of Nevada’s $13.4 billion in gaming revenue last year—but something unexpected happened when Las Vegas went into lockdown in early 2020: When the city reopened after 78 days, casinos tried their luck on a new strategy. There were fewer slots on the floor, but the house was making more money. The gamble has continued to paid off. Between March 2021 and April 2022, Nevada went on a 14-month streak collecting more than $1 billion in gaming revenue from the state’s casinos—a state record. The leader in revenue drivers? Slot machines.
“Slot win is on this torrid pace,” says Michael Lawton, a senior research analyst for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. One-armed bandits generated $9.2 billion last year across the Silver State—another record for Nevada and a 16.4% increase over $7.9 billion slots reaped in 2019. Between 2010 and 2019, slots accounted for 63.3% of total state win.
As was the case in many industries, casinos reevaluated everything about their businesses during the Covid shutdowns. And with slot machines, operators found a new sweet spot. “It was the great reset,” says Lawton. In 2019, Nevada had an average of 140,554 slot machines. A month before the pandemic, in February 2020, there were 139,753 machines. By 2021, the state average was down to 119,000. And in February 2022, the state’s casinos seemed to find its magic number using the Goldilocks principle—and, for now, 122,247 slot machines is just right.
Despite having about 50,000 fewer machines in 2021 compared with 2010, Nevada’s average win per slot jumped 95% over the same period, from $108.88 to $212.72. (One caveat is that during the pandemic, Nevada casinos added electronic table games—blackjack, craps and roulette with virtual dealers—to its slot machine revenue reports.) This jump isn’t due to inflation—casinos can also recalibrate how its machines pay out.
All You Need Is Luck: Slots are now designed to be far more addictive than when the Beatles took one for a spin in 1964. And the Beatles could afford to lose a few pounds.
While slots have some of the best odds in a casino, sharp gamblers understand that the pay rate for them means very little. By regulation, a Nevada casino must have a theoretical payout of at least 75%—meaning for every $1 wagered, a player can expect to make back at least 75 cents on average—but the average rate is closer to the low 90% range. So while the machine is theoretically paying out more money, the odds are always in the house’s favor.
“There’s no such thing as a hot machine or cold machine—it’s all variance,” says Andrews, who is also the cofounder of Unabated, which sells tools and resources to sports bettors. “It’s just odds bearing themselves out; there’s always going to be an outlier. The worm always turns.”
Most slots in Nevada are calibrated between an 85% and 98% payout rate, which is why players always talk about machines that are “looser” or “tighter.” (Although, the idea of a dial that can be quickly turned is a fallacy—recalibration is a multi-hour process that requires a computer technician and reporting to the state.) Another factor that helped boost slot revenue is that the average payback rate in the Silver State got tighter, not looser, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The concept of loose slots, then, is more of a marketing gimmick used by casinos to draw in customers than a scientific reality, but the average payout rate in 2018 was 93.15%, meaning for every $10 a player put in a machine they theoretically got $9.31 back. In 2021, the average rate was 92%.
In addition to lower payouts, it’s logical to think that if a casino wants to make more money, it should add more machines. But the opposite has proven to be true. The counterintuitive logic is all about odds. “The less amount of slot machines a casino has on a floor, the higher the net-win percentage goes up,” explains Nick Antenucci, a lawyer and lobbyist at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron who has worked in New York’s gaming industry for years. “It’s more about math than it has to do with gaming. Less machines, less odds for the players.”
Casinos, of course, have known this secret for years. And pulling slots from the floor has long been a lever the house can use when they need to increase revenue. In 2019, two New York State casinos successfully petitioned the New York Gaming Authority to cut the number of slot machines after struggling to hit revenue projections, the Democrat and Chronicle reported at the time.
Resorts World Catskills, which is two hours north of New York City, opened in 2018 with a requirement to have 2,150 slot machines on its 90,000-square-foot floor. But after a tough first year, the New York State Gaming Commission agreed to cut the number of required slots to 1,600—a 26% drop. Tioga Downs, a casino along the Susquehanna River on the New York side of the Pennsylvania border, got similar approval to remove 5.3% of its machines.
Three Things Every Player Should Know About Slots
Newer multi-line machines give the sense of winning by giving back small amounts of the initial wager, or what’s called “losses disguised as wins.”
Today’s slots typically give players slimmer odds at winning big jackpots, but they elongate the time it takes to lose everything.
There is a cumulative nature to a slot machine’s hold, according to author Natasha Dow Schüll. A 90% payback percentage doesn’t mean a player will only lose $10 if they bet $100. It means they will lose 10% each bet and gradually lose it all.
The Goldilocks principle has also helped the state’s four Vegas-style casinos rebound from the pandemic. According to data from the New York State Gaming Commission, slot machines in the Empire State generated $412.7 million with 5,385 units between April 2019 to March 2020. After casinos pulled about 300 machines, revenue increased 13% to $467 million between April 2021 and March 2022. The average daily win per machine also jumped 19.4% from prepandemic levels.
Hector Fernandez, the CEO of gaming at Australia-based Aristocrat, a slot machine manufacturer and digital casino game developer that makes 10 out of the top 25 top-performing slot games, says the company’s U.S. division went from a $1.9 billion (annual revenue) operation to zero overnight in March 2020. But when casinos finally reopened, the economics of the casino floor started changing in favor of slot manufacturers.
Especially in Las Vegas, casinos had to cut major loss leaders coming out of lockdown, including big-name DJs, all-you-can-eat buffets, and restaurants with star chefs. Casinos also had to change the floor layout due to social distancing measures, which hurt the profitability of its table games. (Blackjack tables that once had six seats, for instance, were reduced to three players, which flipped the games from a winning proposition for the house to a losing one when you include labor costs.) With fewer entertainment options, slots pulled double duty and helped buoy gaming revenue. “In a weird way, it helped Vegas go back to its core roots,” says Fernandez. “A slot product on the floor is the most profitable thing a casino can operate, far more profitable than anything else.”
The days of hitting three cherries as machines jingle and jangle while spitting out a mountain of quarters are long gone. Today’s machines are more akin to elaborate video games while others are licensed from popular movies and TV shows—including The Godfather, The Wizard of Oz, The Simpsons, Game of Thrones and Crazy Rich Asians. And the secret to successful games today is immersion—keeping a player in the seat as long as possible with video clips on giant screens, loads of bonus reels and oversize, ergonomic chairs built for comfort.
Game On: Newer machines are based on popular movies or TV shows and keep players addicted with video clips and comfortable seats.
The slot industry’s ultimate goal is to increase a metric referred to as “time on device.” According to Natasha Dow Schüll, an associate professor at New York University and author of the book Addiction By Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas, a darker force is also at play—there has been a decades-long drive to make slots more addicting. “I don’t think there’s an overt intention to addict people, but there is an overt intention to increase revenue,” says Schüll. “And the reason of being for these machines is to make people play longer—and more. It’s not sensationalist to say these machines treat every person who sits down as someone who can be coaxed to play longer and more and not stop. And what is that? It’s an addict. They want someone who doesn’t leave.”
Schüll notes that every single detail about slots—from the design to the algorithm to the audiovisuals—“is in the service of time on device and revenue extraction.” The new slot machines have become so sophisticated and able to accommodate the range of human desires that hitting the jackpot, for many players, is often beside the point. What people are really getting by putting their hard-earned money into a slot machine today is an escape.
For Schüll, hunting for a “loose” slot is yet another sucker’s game. The higher the payback rate, the more time a person spends playing, which means they eventually will lose more money. “A looser machine will bring more revenue over time,” she says. “Time is the element. It’s Costco gaming: Profit is from volume, not from price.”
So the next time you see a casino billboard advertising the “loosest slots,” remember what that actually means: Give us your time and your money. In exchange, you can try your luck on the irrational belief that you could become rich while sitting in a big, comfy chair.


Togel Hongkong The Most Mandatory Gambling Market Today – World Boxing News

WBN – World Boxing News
The biggest stories in the sport
Togel hongkong is the most popular gambling market not only in Indonesia but also in the world. Where almost everyone is familiar with the togel hongkong game as one of the most mandatory to play. In our country Indonesia itself, the judi togel hongkong game or what was formerly better known as Toto has certainly been played for quite a long time. It can be said that this lottery market has accompanied the people of the country for decades until now. So it is not surprising that almost all people really like this togel hongkong game.
In addition, the proof of the togel hongkong market as one of the fairest gambling games has also been recognized by the world. Moreover, there are many security features that also give players confidence. That this game is safe from various types of cheating, for example, manipulation of the output results. Given the availability of live draw HK which has been provided by the official hongkongpools website. Through this feature, players can of course directly see the process of playing the togel. So this also confirms the togel hongkong game is very safe from cheating.
The Development of Togel Hongkong In Indonesia From Land Airport To Bandar Togel Online
As we mentioned earlier, the togel hongkong market has been accompanying all Indonesian people for a very long time. In the past, to place bets, players had to go to a land dealer as a provider of betting services. But over time, this can no longer be done. Given the togel hongkong is a type of gambling, so it is prohibited by the Indonesian government. Which means that the players will also be very vulnerable to the police if they play through a land airport.
Fortunately, current technological developments are also followed by the development of the togel hongkong in Indonesia. Where currently players can play togel hongkong safely and comfortably through bandar togel online. Of course, it is not difficult for anyone to find an bandar togel online via the internet. Considering that there are thousands of situs togel online in Indonesia that are currently available. You only need to choose a trusted bandar togel online that has proven quality as a means to play togel hongkong.
The presence of bandar togel online is certainly the best alternative for togel gamblers in Indonesia today. Which togel players can place bets anytime and anywhere easily and of course more secure. This is certainly very good for the players, because the police continue to eradicate all types of gambling that exist in our country today.
The types of games available are increasingly diverse and interesting
As the togel hongkong develops, the types of games provided are also increasingly diverse and interesting to play. If previously togel players only knew games like 4d/3d/2d, now you can play more interesting games. Some even claim to have a very high success rate of winning. For example, like the plug game, which of course has often been heard from fellow players and from discussion forums, right?
Not a few players who only aim to play certain types of togel hongkong games. Games such as colok bebas, colok macau, colok naga, shio to even odd numbers are currently the most favorite games besides 4d/3d/2d games. Professional togel players often even recommend the game to fellow players. Because of their success in reaching the coffers of rupiah every day.
Especially for games like free plug and macau, it’s very easy to play. Where players only need to guess 1 or 2 numbers that will come out of the togel hongkong result, without having to be in a certain position. In other words, the chances of winning are wide open for players. This is what makes togel hongkongg games played through bandar togel online even more interesting to play. Because the togel can win easily.
The Togel Gambling Market With The Highest Enthusiasts In Indonesia
As is known, Togel hongkong has become a profitable entertainment game that is most often played by the people of Indonesia. Even compared to other types of togel gambling markets that exist today, no one has been able to beat the popularity of the togel hongkong. Moreover, this market has a result schedule which is at 23.00 WIB. So that players can wait for the results of Hong Kong in a relaxed and comfortable manner without having to be hindered by various activities. Considering that almost all Indonesian people only have activities from morning to evening.
In addition, the security of playing on the togel hongkong gambling market has also been guaranteed for decades. In his own country this togel hongkongg game is broadcast live or live via television. However, due to different countries, players in Indonesia cannot see the broadcast as in their home country. Although currently hongkongpools has provided a live draw feature through its official website, limited access makes it difficult for players to be able to watch live.
However, this did not spark the interest of togel hongkong fans in Indonesia. It can even be said that every day the fans of this togel gambling market are increasing. Even the togel gambling game, which was once synonymous with parents, has now been played by many teenagers. Because the various attractive advantages offered with affordable playing capital certainly make anyone want to try to compete with hockey.
Discounts and prizes provided by the Trusted Bandar Togel Hongkong
The thing that most often traps togel gambling players in Indonesia is a mistake in choosing a bandar togel hongkong as a means of playing. Even players who have been playing for a long time do not escape the mistake of choosing a place to play the togel hongkong. Which is where generally the togel players are trapped because they are interested in the bonus promos offered. Even though a trusted bandar togel hongkong will only offer various profitable programs that make sense, as follows:
* 4D discount: 70%, Reward: x3000
* 3D discount: 60%, Reward: x400
* 2D discount: 30%, Reward: x70
By paying attention to the discounts and winning prizes provided, you can certainly avoid fake bandar togel that often harm players. So it is only natural for all togel players to be more careful in finding playing facilities. How accurate is the bet that you place, of course it will not mean if the winnings are not paid, right? Therefore, we advise fans of togel hongkong gambling and other togel markets to be more careful in choosing playing facilities. Given the security of privacy and your rights as a player are greatly affected by which site or togel dealer you play.


ThePokies.Net Targeted in Australia Illegal Gambling Crackdown – Casino.Org News

Posted on: June 17, 2022, 01:39h. 
Last updated on: June 17, 2022, 03:12h.

Australian communications regulator ACMA has ordered internet service providers to block online casino after data showed it attracted 30,000 Australians each month. The regulator said it had received reports from customers who claimed they weren’t being paid their winnings or that the site was withholding deposits.
Online casino-style games are illegal in Australia, which only permits sports betting on the internet.
That’s because it already has enough of the live variety. In 2017 there were 187,000 slots, or “pokies,” in pubs and clubs throughout the country. That represents 76% of the world’s slot machines stationed in non-gaming venues. Australia has 0.3% of the world’s population but 18% of its slot machines.
This has contributed to high levels of problem gambling in the country. is licensed in Curacao, a jurisdiction where regulatory oversight is almost non-existent. That gives customers little recourse to recoup their funds if they feel improperly withheld.
The site’s terms and conditions state that players may only participate in games if “you are from those countries and geographic regions where online gambling is allowed by law.”
But the casino makes sure to switch the responsibility from the operator to the player.
You are solely responsible for determining whether your access to the website is compliant with applicable gambling laws in your region of residence,” a statement from ThePokies.Net read.
In its “Frequently Asked Questions,” under “Can I use a VPN to get around region blocked games?” the operator replies:
“Yes, you can! Unlike our competitors, we feel it is your right as a player to have access to the latest games and providers, and if they have blocked your regions access, we see there being no harm done by using a VPN to bypass these blocks. This is what makes us different to most casinos out there.”
Online casinos can face a $1.1 million fine for offering their services to Australia. But in most cases, the owners are undiscoverable and beyond the grasp of government regulators.
“We have received more complaints about this year than any other illegal gambling website, and it is clearly doing a lot of harm to the Australian community,” ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said in a statement.
Complaints have ranged from people who have lost significant amounts of money through to the site refusing to honor deposits and winnings,” she added.
Australia has been ISP-blocking online casinos since 2019. But operators can usually resurface with modified URLs, meaning regulators are engaged in an eternal game of whack-a-mole.
Australian visitors to are currently automatically redirected to a mirror site,
Your email address will not be published. is the world’s leading independent online gaming authority, providing trusted online casino news, guides, reviews and information since 1995.


GGRAsia – Pragmatic Play expands market for Live Casino product – GGRAsia

Mar 16, 2022 iGaming, Latest News &nbsp
Pragmatic Play Ltd, an online gaming content provider, said it has expanded market coverage for its Live Casino product range, including live-dealer online games.
The territories where the brand is widening its reach are Eastern European nations Romania and Georgia.
In Romania, local operator, part of Maxbet Entertainment Group Plc, will now offer Pragmatic Play’s  live-dealer “Blackjack”, “Baccarat”, and “Mega Wheel”, the latter firm said in a press release issued on Monday. already features Pragmatic Play slot-game titles.
Yossi Barzely, Pragmatic Play’s chief business development officer, was cited as saying: “Our award-winning Live Casino portfolio represents an exceptionally strong position and we are excited to see how’s players, that currently enjoy our slots, engage with our live solution.”
Victor Rusinov, chief executive at, was quoted as saying: “Developing our already strong ties with Pragmatic Play,” the ability to offer that firm’s “exciting Live Casino products will allow us to give our users a world-class selection to choose from”.
In Georgia, Entain Plc brand Crystalbet, will offer Pragmatic Play’s live game products, including “Sweet Bonanza CandyLand”, as well as its “Blackjack”, “Roulette” and “Mega Wheel”. Pragmatic Play gave the news in a Tuesday press release.
Jaba Peitrishvili, CEO at Crystalbet, was cited as saying in the Tuesday update: “Pragmatic Play is well known for being one of the best multidiscipline suppliers within the industry, and its slot portfolio has strongly performed with our customers.”
He added: “Bringing its hit Live Casino games to our audience seemed like a natural progression of our cooperation and we are excited to see how this enhanced offering will be received by players.”
Pragmatic Play now produces “up to five new slot titles” a month, as well as offering its Live Casino and Bingo games portfolio. They are all available through a single application programming interface (API), the firm mentioned in its release.

Jun 17, 2022  
Jun 14, 2022  
Jun 21, 2022  
Jun 21, 2022  
Jun 21, 2022  
Jun 21, 2022  
Jun 21, 2022  

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”[We would expect] to be awarded a licence [in Japan] in the fall. We would then be under way as we get into 2023”

Jonathan Halkyard

Chief financial officer of MGM Resorts


Pragmatic Play adds new Speed Blackjack tables to Live Casino product suite; partners Betfun for Argentina expansion – World Casino Directory

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Macau High rollers, luxury casinos and hotels plus a rich heritage make Macau one of the world’s premiere gaming destinations.
Las Vegas Las Vegas casino resorts have been long known for their entertaining shows, endless casino action and bright lights.
Cotai Strip Biggest casinos in the world + newest casinos in Macau; Cotai Strip threatens mainland Macau for top gambling destination.
Entertainment City Sleeping giant of Asian casinos is the Philippines. Casino tour? Multiple multi-billion dollar casinos are operating here.
Atlantic City Play in Atlantic City’s wide variety of casinos and poker rooms. This is the place that inspired the board game Monopoly.
Following its expansion in Argentina via Betfun and online casino games provider Pragmatic Play is “bringing new gaming opportunities to its players” having enhanced its Live Casino product suite with Speed Blackjack.
The new Speed variant of the classic game of blackjack is feature-packed and includes side bets, Auto-Decisions and more, providing users with an accelerated play session and the “premium” live casino experience they are looking for, according to the supplier.
Product Enhancements:
Pragmatic’s latest addition to its multi-product offering also allows multiple decision offers to be made at the same time, which cuts the length of the game round by up to 30 percent. Auto-Decisions, meanwhile, can be player strategy-based and include stands or hits for rapid gameplay.
Additionally, players can expect an improved user interface (UI) and quick seating, while “expert” game hosts will provide an “immersive” gaming experience.

The expansion marks further expansion for Pragmatic Play’s luxurious new Ruby Studio, where VIP tables and regular blackjack tables are live broadcasted from the provider’s state-of-the-art, Bucharest premises complete with 4K camera technology.
New Gaming Opportunities:
“Bringing new gaming opportunities to players is at the core of what we aim to do at Pragmatic Play and we’re very pleased to grow the footprint of our catalogue further with the launch of our new product, Speed Blackjack,” read a statement from Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer for Pragmatic Play.
Barzely adds that the performance of their Live Casino offering is a “great success story,” and they are “keen to capitalise further on the luxury environment.”

Motivated Monthly Game Quota:
The latest addition to the supplier’s product portfolio comes as it ramps up the development of its online slots, with the extremely motivated goal of releasing up to eight new games per month (from the current 5-6 monthly), while also increasing the capabilities of its Live Casino, Bingo and Virtual Sports verticals.
Betfun Tie-Up:
And, as mentioned, the new live casino game launch follows Pragmatic’s new partnership with Argentinian betting and online casino operator Betfun.
The deal that further strengthens its position in the South American country’s iGaming market, will see the operator gain access to the provider’s award-winning slot content, including player-favorite titles such as Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, the popular John Hunter series, as from its growing Live Casino portfolio, Auto Roulette.

Pragmatic Play’s new alliance is in keeping with its growth strategy for the regulated market of the City of Buenos Aires, as well as throughout the LatAm market. Late last month, the supplier partnered with up-and-coming sports betting and online casino brand BetWarrior in Buenos Aires Province and Buenos Aires City, Argentina’s two main jurisdictions.
South America Expansion:
Victor Arias, Vice President of Latin American Operations for Pragmatic Play, who just took home Best Gaming Executive LatAm of the Year at the 12th  annual CGS LatAm in Chile, said they are “pleased” to work with Betfun “in this capacity, their position within Buenos Aires City, Argentina” will allow more players to have access to their games.
“The operator will be launching a selection of our top-performing slot games, and we are excited to see their reception upon release as we continue our growth strategy across the continent.”
In recent years, Pragmatic has grown its presence substantially in this key region courtesy of similar commercial agreements with leading operators such as  Brazillian operator Jogos da Sorte, Estelarbet, and in Venezuela with King Deportes, among others.
Betfun Statement:
Also commenting on the recent tie-up, Diego Lacho at Betfun said they are “incredibly excited” to be working with Pragmatic Play and to deliver its games to their players for the first time.
“The provider has become synonymous with quality, and this is always an aim of ours when seeking new partnerships. Additionally, its portfolio is very comprehensive, so we are excited to be bringing these pillars of entertainment to our players.”

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Pragmatic Play partners up with Stake to deliver a Live Casino-dedicated studio – Yogonet International

iGaming content provider Pragmatic Play announced Tuesday it has partnered with Live Casino operator Stake to deliver a purpose-built dedicated studio. 
The agreement will see the supplier build a 12-table studio replete with Stake branding, to deliver an immersive Live Casino experience. Included in the space will be 10 blackjack tables, one specifically for roulette, and speed baccarat. 
Stake is a community-based betting platform that quickly established itself as a cryptocurrency sportsbook and casino. Its footprint includes markets such as Canada, Brazil and more. 
The deal follows similar agreements with Kindred, 1xbet, 888 and Mansion to deliver dedicated Live dealer studios.  
Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer at Pragmatic Play, spoke in an official press release about this new partnership and said: “Stake is a major emerging force in the iGaming landscape, growing markedly since its launch in 2017 to swiftly become a global name. We're very pleased they've partnered with us to create a dedicated Live Casino studio, and we are excited by the opportunity to deliver an environment worthy of the Stake brand.” 
Stake Co-founder, Edward Craven, added: “As a leading supplier in the Live Casino space, Pragmatic Play's commitment to ensuring our every need is met was a key element in powering this deal. Its dedicated studios have performed well with major brands in regulated markets all over the world, and this is an important step forward for us. We look forward to it going live and really highlighting the unique capabilities of our brand.” 
Pragmatic Play currently produces up to six new slot titles a month, while also delivering Live Casino and Bingo games as part of its multi-product portfolio, available through one single API.  


Live! Casino Pittsburgh announces addition of new entertainment venue – WPXI Pittsburgh

Live! Casino Pittsburgh
GREENSBURG, Pa. — Just a few months after opening a brand new 1,500-square-foot poker room, Live! Casino Pittsburgh announced that it is embarking on its next expansion.
The Westmoreland County casino plans to open a new 7,000-square-foot event and entertainment space, called The Venue at Live! Casino, in late June. The new space will be able to accommodate up to 780 people and will be able to host events such as weddings, concerts, theatre presentations and corporate functions. The space will feature adjustable layouts and audio/visual capabilities.
“We are setting a new standard for all meetings and events in the region with The Venue at Live! Casino,” Sean Sullivan, general manager of Live! Casino Pittsburgh, said in a release. “Led by a best-in-class team, this most-recent investment is focused on making your experience unforgettable from the moment you step onto our property to the moment you leave.”
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