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The Matlacha Wellness Center.
Michael Lindsay has a passion to help people live their best life. Having owned training studios in the past made taking the reigns at Matlacha Wellness a clear and natural choice.
Lindsay has taken ownership of both the Pine Island and the Matlacha studios of Matlacha Wellness. In addition to leading fitness boot camps and personal training, his affinity for all-around fitness has acted as a catalyst in this new adventure.
The scenery is nothing new, however, as Lindsay has been training islanders, both as an independent contractor under All Together Fitness LLC at his current locations and in client’s homes, for the past three years. In December, Lindsay began running Matlacha Wellness until an agreement was reached for the purchase of the studios, now, All Together Fitness LLC doing business as Matlacha Wellness Center.
“We’re going to keep things very similar because of the current client base. There will be some different things, especially with skin care and massage,” Lindsay said.
Personal training, group classes, skincare and massage are among the top items on the fitness menu. Lindsay said good marketing will also be a major priority as he goes forward.
Michael Lindsay, the new owner of the Matlacha Wellness center. PAULETTE LEBLANC
The largest demographic, in his opinion, is the 50 and over community on the island, with a strong focus on fitness and nutrition. The group classes, he said, are tailored depending on who is in the class that day. These small group classes consist of strength training, stretching, mobility, weight training and cardio, in an attempt to help clients reach their health and fitness goals. In fitness, he said, strength, cardio, flexibility, mobility and agility are the primary concentrations, incorporated in all training sessions.
“Whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger, being more agile, better balanced or some combination of things, that’s what we do,” Lindsay said.
His goal is to help people reach a certain goal or simply continue to do what best suits their life, whether that means hiking in the mountains, kayaking or being able to climb stairs or take a walk with the grandkids. Whatever the goals are, he said, it’s important to feel fit enough to accomplish them, while also decreasing the risk of injury. As we grow older, power is the first thing we lose, he explained, followed by strength.
“In the fitness world, we say strength is king. If you’re not strong, it makes everything else harder to do,” Lindsay said.
Although everyone’s strength needs will vary, he said, the goal is to make everyone better at moving comfortably through their own life. Whatever is important to a person, they want to help them to be able to do it physically.
Posture is another issue of more importance than most realize, Lindsay said, because the more hunched over a person becomes, the more likely they are to fall over. Improving ones posture, he said, decreases the risk of falling and spinal issues.
“Your quality of life is greatly impacted by your health. The healthier you are, the fewer issues you’re going to have and the better you’re life is going to be. You can have all the money in the world, but if your health is not there, what good is it?” Lindsay said.
Matlacha Wellness also offers nutritional guidance, to balance an overall healthy lifestyle. Although none of us eats perfectly, Lindsay would like to help clients put together a healthy nutritional plan with the goal of improving a diet possibly made up of fewer healthy foods than need be, beginning, he said, with proper hydration.
“What are you trying to accomplish and how can we help you? The statistics in the fitness world are that 17 percent of the population will work out no matter what. Twenty percent will never work out. Sixty-three percent of the population knows they should work out, and wants to, but has a hard time doing it. Those are the ones we look for, because we can help you,” Lindsay said.
Fitness and nutrition, or the lack thereof, are habits, Lindsay said, that we can talk ourselves into or out of. Improving these habits will help people to become healthier over time enabling them to do more of the things they want to do.
“We are appreciative of the loyalty from all past clients staying on and supporting us through the transition to the new business,” Lindsay said.
The Matlacha Studio is at 4130 Pine Island Road, Matlacha, FL 33993
The Pine Island Studio is at 5261 Pine Island Road, N.W., #103, Bokeelia FL 33993
For more information, contact Matlacha Wellness at 239-558-4146 or visit
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