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Looking for toddler or kid open gymnastics play? Local mom, Kristina, visited Acrosmith Gymnastics for family gym time where her kids got to play on all the equipment for an hour.
A great activity for little kids any time of year, but especially when it’s brutally hot, unbearably cold, or rainy, is Family Fun Gym Time at Acrosmith Gymnastics (formerly Tot Time) located off Woodruff Road near Five Forks.  It’s just $6 for one full hour’s worth of kid-friendly free time at the gym.
Family Fun Gym is offered Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 10:00 am and 11:15 am, Thursdays at 11:15 am, and Fridays at 10:00 am. The 10 am time slot is for kids walking through six years old and the 11:15 am time slot is for kids up to age 12.
Acrosmith has instituted a pre-registration system for their family gym time so you must sign up beforehand online. They have made it super simple and easy. Go to the Acrosmith Family Fun Gym page on their website and click “register here”. You’ll be asked to sign up your child and you pay online. 
When you get to the gym, you’ll be signed in by a staff member, which takes seconds. It’s so easy! I’ve been visiting Acrosmith Gymnastics for their tot times for years and this is by far the fastest method they have instituted.
Once you arrive at Acrosmith for family fun gym, kids take off their shoes and get to do pretty much whatever they want at the gym. 
My one daughter loves the bars and the trampolines. My other daughter really enjoys the beam and foam pit. There is something for every interest and kids will undoubtedly find something they enjoy.
Acrosmith has an area designed just for the smaller kids with a rope swing, small bars and beams, but the kids can go whatever they like.
Parents need to be within arms reach of their kids though for their own safety. Acrosmith limits the numbers of kids but you can imagine that kids will want to fly off a beam or bar because they think they are invincible – and they aren’t. So parents need to carefully watch their children.
They can run around on the bouncy floor, try walking across the higher beams, jump on the tumble track trampoline, or bounce into the foam pits. There are no classes or structured play – just a perfect time to let your tot run around and get out energy somewhere other than your own house.
Acrosmith used to be located in Simpsonville but they’ve since moved to a larger gym off of Woodruff Road on an access road that you can get to from Roper Mountain Road to Feaster Road to the access road. It’s right behind Aldi.
The atmosphere is laid back and there are other parents just hanging out following their kids around. It’s a great way to get out energy for the kids!
Acrosmith Gymnastics
282 Rocky Creek Road, Greenville
Acrosmith Gymnastics Facebook page
Have you been to Acrosmith’s Family Fun Gym? Have you checked out any of their other competitive or recreational classes?  Let us know what you think!
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