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Apple Fitness+ has a workout collection for new mothers ready to go after their fitness goals, even if they only have a few minutes at a time.
Anyone who has given birth understands the unique challenge of regaining physical fitness and tone afterward. Being a new parent is an intense time for anyone, and it can be hard to find time to exercise, meditate, or take time out for your own well-being. Yet you need more strength than ever for the never-ending demands of parenthood!
Apple Fitness+ features a workout collection designed specifically for new mothers. Take a look at what it offers.
Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby is the title of the Apple Fitness+ workout collection for new mothers. It does exactly as it promises, offering a series of seven different workouts covering everything from strength to toning exercises. You’ll find it within the Workout Programs section of the Fitness app.
If you used the Apple Fitness+ pregnancy workout program while expecting your baby, you’ll have some idea of what the post-pregnancy collection involves.
The two core exercise episodes, led by instructor Betina, a new mother herself, are all about helping you build up your back and ab strength while working your pelvic floor.
The core exercises are the first to try, as they provide a good foundation for working on strength in the rest of the program. Each episode lasts 10 minutes, and one has a hip-hop soundtrack while the other is accompanied by rock music.
There are three strength exercise episodes. These are designed to work your upper and lower body, while one targets the whole body. Upbeat and fun, these are also just 10 minutes long. You can use a light to medium dumbbell or just your body weight to help you complete the exercises.
Mindful Cooldowns in Apple Fitness+ are welcome activities that encourage you to relax, stretch out, and take time for self-care. These short routines are essential to incorporate into your workout because such time is scarce when your infant is tiny.
The movements in the Mindful Cooldown exercises focus on neck, torso, back, and hip stretches, working areas in which new mothers may have mobility issues. The themes of the meditations include patience and gratitude.
One of the great features of this workout series is that it states from the outset that, no matter what type of delivery you had, you can access the program.
To help with this, two instructors accompany Betina and demonstrate helpful modifications. One shows how to tackle the exercises if you had a challenging delivery, and the other shows what you might aim for if you remained very active during pregnancy. Get the go-ahead from your healthcare provider, and you’re ready to start getting back to your fitness goals.
You can even link several episodes together for a longer routine. However, with each one lasting just a few minutes, you can also fit in a quick workout while your baby takes a nap.
You’ll need a subscription to Apple Fitness+ to access this program. It is available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. For full functionality, including seeing your fitness rings on screen as you work out, you’ll need an Apple Watch.
Pregnancy and the postpartum period is an exciting yet unsettling time. With help from Apple Fitness+, you can take care of your exercise needs so that you feel stronger and more energetic as you tackle the adventure of motherhood.
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