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Jun 27, 2022, 08:39 ET
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LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrity & Fitness Nutrition Expert Obi Obadike and Actor Morris Chestnut have recently launched a brand-new health and wellness supplement company called Ethical. Ethical Inc is a natural science-based supplement and health/fitness focused company that empowers the community to reach their health and lifestyle goals. Ethical delivers the most trustworthy and ethical products as well as free educational content and fitness and nutrition programs.

In a 2015 article published in Hartford Courant every week for the past seven ½ years the U.S Food and Drug Administration has an identified an average of two dietary supplements being sold to consumers that were tainted and potentially hazardous. In an interview Senator Blumenthal stated that, "The dietary supplement market is a dangerous Wild West of inadequate regulation that deprives consumers of basic health and safety information and results in serious injuries and deaths.
"Without more transparency regarding the dangers of these products and more scrutiny over the often-outrageous health benefit claims consumers have no way of way they are taking."
Ethical was created to be that ethical company that all consumers can trust what is in their supplement products based on complete transparency of all ingredients by an independent third-party lab which very few supplement companies are doing in the industry.
Morris Chestnut, Managing Partner states, "I stopped taking supplements for that very reason because I don’t really know what’s in any of these supplement products these days. The lack of transparency ingredients wise is what has made me cautious in buying supplements off the counter for a long time now. Being able to pair up with my friend and co-author Obi Obadike was a great business decision because I knew immediately it would give this brand instant credibility within the health and wellness industry."
Obi Obadike, Founder states, "The dietary supplement industry is one of the most unregulated industries in the country. And Ethical’s goal is to be a supplement company that every consumer can trust because of the transparency of how we will display all the ingredients in our products. Our ethical health and wellness content platform website features over 30 brand new health and wellness articles per month consisting of diet, exercise, nutrition, health, etc. Right now, as we speak our articles gets picked up once a month by over 400 media national news sources per month. There is not many health and wellness companies that can say that or even get those type of media pickups. Providing top notch health content is our biggest priority with this organization. And it is our free gift to any health enthusiast."
Ethical is just not only a supplement company we are a health and wellness company whose goal is to deliver free science-based health and wellness content information daily on our website to all visitors. Obi and Morris co-authored a best-selling diet and exercise book The Cut in 2017.
Learn more about Ethical at www.ethicalinc.com
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