Gym bunny shares pictures tensing and relaxing to show how much body changes – Daily Star

Isabelle, who goes by the name @fitness4lazygirls to her over 59,000 Instagram followers, is known for creating body positive content. In a recent post she’s shown how posing slightly differently can make your body look really different
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A dedicated gym bunny has shared pictures of herself tensing and relaxing to show how easy it is to make your body look totally different with a simple pose.
Isabelle, also known as fitness4lazygirls to her over 59,000 Instagram followers, is an online coach for women and works to help them feel more confident without restricting themselves.
She's known for posting body positive content, and often shares fitness tips and tricks together with pictures of herself in her gym gear to show the reality of the female body.
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Her pictures are honest, candid and work to reveal that even the fittest of women can still have physical imperfections.
In a recent post she talked about how social media only shows the "highlights" of someone's personal journey.
She posted two pictures of herself side by side – one of her flexing, with her hips pushed back, and another of her standing naturally and completely relaxed.
Isabelle said both images reflect the "real" her, but the staged photo shows just how easy it can be to get the "perfect" shot by using a few simple tricks.
Writing on Instagram, Isabelle said: "Here’s your daily reminder that media is a highlight reel.
"And, for the most part, that makes sense!

"I like to flex and showcase my progress as much as the next girl. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off what you’ve worked hard for!

"BUT, as a viewer, we should always be wary of what we see online, because it’s not the whole story.

"Both of the photos here are real and are me, but the photo on the left consisted of me pushing my hips all the way back and flexing as hard as I could to get the perfect shot.

"The photo on the right is after taking a deep breath, standing normally, and relaxing 5 seconds later… and a lot closer to what I usually look like 90% of the time.

"Don’t compare your relaxed body to a picture on social media that required great lighting, serious flexing, and little to no breathing. You’re doing great!"
Since sharing the pictures on her Instagram page, Isabelle received dozens of comments, and the post has also been liked more than 6,000 times.
People have thanked her for sharing her truth, and have also said she looks "great" in both images.
One person commented: "Gorgeous in both", while a second said: "Love this and love you. We need this reminder."
A third person wrote: "Thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful in both photos.
"You always give me motivation to keep working and to cut myself some slack when I'm not perfect.
"And always remind me to have fun and enjoy life."
A fourth added: "Yes – absolutely spot on. You are doing fab too."
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