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GoCar today has officially launched its electric vehicle (EV) rental service, which is aptly named GoEV. The new service is now readily available for use in Klang Valley and costs RM24.90 per hour. There’s also a long term subscription option of up to 36 months, but we’ll get to that later.
At this time, GoCar’s EV fleet consists of 25 units of this year’s Nissan Leaf model, with plans to further expand it up to 100 units in the next 12 months. During a Q&A session during the launch, company CEO Wong Hoe Mun says there are no plans to introduce other EV models to its line-up for the time being.
In terms of coverage, the GoEV car sharing service will first be available at three zones: the GoCar Malaysia Petaling Jaya Hub, MyTown Cheras, and Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. The company aims to set up a total of 10 zones towards the end of this year, but did not name any potential locations at this time. 
Those using its rental service will be supplied with a chargeEV card which enables them to utilise over 300 DC charging stations throughout the country. On that note, 10 of which have been installed at the GoCar’s Petaling Jaya hub. Fees for using these stations are included together with the rental costs.
Speaking of rental costs, GoCar is offering a total of six booking periods for the GoEV service. As mentioned earlier, an hour’s worth will cost users RM24.90, while those booking for a maximum of two days are charged RM249 per day. It’s worth noting that opting for longer periods will consecutively reduce the service’s daily rental fees. Specifically, GoCar charges RM211/day for three to six days of rental, RM175/day for seven to 13 days, RM138/day for 14 to 29 days, and RM106/day for 30 days or more.
To book a Nissan Leaf under GoEV, simply open up the GoCar app which is available on both iOS and Android devices. From there, select the EV under the “Select Car Model” on the booking screen and then choose your preferred Collision Damage Waiver, which ranges from RM2.49 per hour to RM14.94 per hour. Keep in mind that new users will have to provide the company with a copy of your IC/passport and driver’s license for verification, as well as pay a one-time membership fee of RM200.
Alternatively, the company is also offering subscription plans to those interested in using the Nissan Leaf for the long term. GoCar users may choose between 24 months or 36 months subscription, where they’ll be charged a monthly fee of RM2,499 or RM2,299 respectively. For reference, Nissan’s own subscription plan only offers users a 24-month period. Both GoEV plans also come with road tax, insurance, servicing, and a wall box charger that can be installed at the subscriber’s home.
All in all, the new GoEV service seems like an excellent way for regular road users to shoehorn themselves into the new EV scene. This is especially to familiarise themselves with the vehicle’s range, charging times and process, as well as identifying the many EV charging station locations around Klang Valley.
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