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If you’ve been fobbing off all suggestions of a fitness programme by saying you’re too old, too stiff or too sore, a Cork personal training studio is coming for you.
Echo, a fitness centre in the Monahan Road Business Park, has just launched its Echo Masters Programme, a class designed specifically for people who believe they can’t do it.
The gym is appealing to anyone with a parent, relative or friend that could benefit from training but thinks they might be too old to exercise.
In fact, the right training could help offset conditions such as osteoporosis and improve chronic pain.
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“The Echo Masters Programme is designed for our parents, relatives or neighbours that are a bit older and may be a little bit stiff, sore or just feeling the effects of ageing,” they said on Instagram.
“Our programme is designed to work on mobility and muscle maintenance to tackle everyday life and not let the excuse of getting older to stop us from enjoying life.”
The class will take place on Mondays and Thursdays from 10am to 10.45am. Spaces are limited so get in contact to book a spot by texting 087 135 1436.
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