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Jennifer Lopez doesn’t age. In fact, she’s only gotten fitter through the years. The 52-year-old singer, actress, and dancer once told Us Weekly, “I see pictures of myself in my twenties and go, ‘Oh, I look better now!’” and we agree with her 100 percent!

That is why when Lopez talks about her workout and diet secrets, we listen. Anyone who can put on an adrenaline-loaded dance number onstage wearing a glittery leotard at 50-plus years old is definitely fitness goals to us!

So what does the Hustlers star’s workout routine look like? In an interview with People, she said, “It’s no secret that I love dancing, so it doesn’t even feel like exercise to me. I freestyle dance with Tracy Anderson five times a week. We’ll incorporate light weights (3 lbs) for the arms and moves that focus on the butt and thighs and engage the core.”

Tracy Anderson is Lopez’s trainer in Los Angeles, and she has a trainer in New York as well. Talk about bi-coastal fitness!

As for her East Coast routine, the actress said, “I also do circuit training with David Kirsch when I’m in New York. We do hour-long circuits at least three times a week. It's full-body training — so planks, pushups, boxing — really everything. It’s all about changing it up and keeping your body guessing.”

Kirsch is the person responsible for Lopez’s famous butt and powerful thighs. His signature exercise moves are the platypus walk (see below), sumo lunges, sidekicks, and plyometric squat jumps.

Kirsch emphasizes the importance of sleep and rest as well. He told Vogue, “Jennifer is meticulous about her eating, sleeping and generally about everything in her life…The common denominator is always sleep. Resting and restoring is so important for your recovery and overall wellness.”

The Second Act star also told People, “I try to always to get as much sleep as I can so that I can start the day well-rested and do my morning meditation and affirmations.”

When it comes to nutrition and hydration, Lopez is all about the basics: plenty of water, fruits, and veggies.

“Sorry, it’s true!” she said. “I think drinking lots of water and fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables (I keep [them] with me at all times.) all play into the quality of skin’s appearance.”

Her trainer Anderson also puts her on a clean, organic diet with lots of high-quality proteins. And she doesn’t drink, smoke, or consume caffeine, as those are not good for the skin.


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