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Under the watchful eyes of tots in strollers, Solano moms in a FIT4MOM Vacaville class elongate their limbs, strengthen their cores and enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors. (Kimberly K. Fu / The Reporter)

While their moms got a healthy dose of exercise, kids took a break from a FIT4MOM Vacaville session for bubbles, friends and fun. (Kimberly K. Fu / The Reporter)

FIT4MOM Vacaville participants, their kiddos in strollers, power walked and jogged from Arbor Oaks Park to Patwin Park and back, making frequent stops to perform squats, lunges, kicks, stretches and more during a 60-minute session. (Kimberly K. Fu / The Reporter)

Nancy Hostick (in black logo jacket) owns and operates FIT4MOM Vacaville. A mother herself, she helps other moms get fit while their kids come along for the ride. (Kimberly K. Fu / The Reporter)

Nancy Hostick Owner, FIT4MOM Vacaville

Moms, kids, bubbles and workout bands made for explosive fun last week in Vacaville.
It’s a scenario repeated often through FIT4MOM classes, which literally gets mothers — their kids in tow via strollers — moving toward fitness goals.
“Good job, mamas, good job!” is a favorite refrain repeated by owner and instructor Nancy Hostick, a mom of two who found FIT4MOM during a personal low point.
“It saved my life,” she advised. “When I discovered it was during a really dark time in my life. My mom died soon after my son was born.”
She and her husband, both serving in the military at the time, had been living in Thousand Oaks. Hostick remembers struggling as a first-time mom and dealing with grief over her mother’s death from cancer. Seeing Hostick’s distress, her sister took her to a FIT4MOM Stroller Strides class and the rest, as they say, is history.
Being around other moms was amazing support, Hostick shared, and the exercise lifted her spirits. So upon the family’s move to Vacaville a few years back and learning the local franchise was up for grabs, she reached for it with both hands. Through FIT4MOM, she said, she can provide support to other moms the best way she knows how.
Like on this day, when the large group power walked, jogged or ran with their kid-filled strollers to neighboring Patwin Park.
At specific points along the trail, which was about a mile long, the groups would stop, perform specific exercises, then continue on.
Lunges, squats, stretches, yoga poses, kicks and more were in their repertoire. The women did multiple sets of each, focusing on correct form and working at their own pace.
Meanwhile, breaks were encouraged.
For the most part, babies gurgled and older youngsters giggled and played with a bubble gun. But every once in a while cries would rent the air, signaling a pause.
“Anyone need a toy?” Hostick called out during one such break, as moms sipped water while simultaneously checking on their tots, distracting them with toys, and/or showering them with attention.
“Good job, mamas! Shake it off,” she encouraged after a lengthy jog followed by an intense workout combination performed to the tune off “If you’re happy and you know it.”
Ginger Zaragoza, for one, truly was happy.
“I love it,” she said, of the classes.
A nurse, Zaragoza said working out had become difficult since giving birth to Emma, now 14 months, especially with her work schedule.
“It’s hard to go to the gym with a baby,” she explained, adding that many gyms don’t allow babies in the facility.
She found FIT4MOM in May and hasn’t looked back. The outings not only fit her tight time needs, she said, but Emma is also welcomed. And, Hostick is a highlight.
“Nancy, she’s so positive, so motivational,” Zaragoza emphasized.
Friends Laura Bukovics and Anastacia Boysko agree.
“It’s a great way for my kids to have a playdate,” Boysko said.
“It’s also nice to meet other moms and then you become friends,” Bukovics added.
The group, it seems, is tight-knit and very supportive of one another. But, there’s always room for more moms.
“Just get out here,” Boysko urges potential classmates and friends. “It’s good for the soul.”
Curious about the classes? Visit for more information.
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