Olivia Gives Welcome to Plathville Fans Update On Her Fitness Journey – Screen Rant

Olivia Plath opens up to Welcome to Plathville viewers about her fitness journey after deciding to take control and live a healthier lifestyle.
Viewers of Welcome to Plathville have watched Olivia Plath on her journey to a healthier lifestyle, and now she is giving a major update. The photographer has always been about a positive social media presence and often posts inspiring memes to her followers. For years, Olivia has always been a polarizing character on Welcome to Plathville, thanks to her unwavering ability to share her opinions even when not asked.
The 24-year-old has stuck up for herself on more than one occasion, especially when confronting Kim and Barry Plath during earlier seasons. She has often been praised for trying to introduce her husband, Ethan Plath, to a wide new world of experiences. Even though at times, she can come across as bossy, the TLC star really just wants to try to live the best life she possibly can, choosing to regret nothing.
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During the week, Olivia took to her Instagram Story to share that she and Ethan have been biking around Europe for the summer. The redhead shared a photo of herself in a cooling pool after a 42-mile bike ride. Olivia noted to fans that it was cool to watch her body “grow stronger and adapt.” Even though every muscle and tendon within her body was sore, Olivia admitted the pain was well worth the reward. Olivia joked that when she and Ethan first decided to do a biking trip, she thought they were crazy, but to her surprise, she has enjoyed one ride after another.
Welcome to Plathville viewers watched this season as Olivia and Ethan found themselves struggling once again. The move to Tampa, Florida, was not precisely what Ethan had in mind, and it didn’t help that he also was hiding the fact that he bought an old car while the couple was separated. Fans were worried that the lying would set the duo back when it came to their progress, but somehow, they once again worked through it.
A few months back, Olivia announced that she and Ethan were living in Paris for the summer and shared multiple updates of them roaming the streets. Welcome to Plathville viewers also learned that while Olivia and Ethan were on the mend, Kim and Barry’s marriage was falling apart. The couple has been married for 24 years but decided to go their separate ways. As for Olivia, she is concentrating on bettering herself from the inside out and is enjoying sharing her health updates with her loyal followers.
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Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on TLC.
Source: Olivia Plath/Instagram
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