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WHITEFISH — Rockfish Climbing & Fitness is a Montana-founded company that gives people who love, and are interested in climbing, the perfect place to do so all year round.
“It’s very welcoming I think is what I’m trying to say,” said Rockfish Climbing & Fitness co-director and marketing manager Michelle Wang. “And people here are super nice, and whether you’re a beginner or an advanced climber, people are just really supportive of your climbing journey.”
It’s a supportive atmosphere that has created a strong community over the last six years.
“I think it’s a place for people to meet other climbing partners, a place for people to hone their climbing skills,” said Wang. “And also, I think it brings people, it introduces people to climbing if they hadn’t thought of it before.”
While the gym has climbers of all ages, a big focus for Rockfish has been providing a great space for kids to climb.
“Without direction it’s a big playground, it very much is,” said Rockfish Climbing & Fitness general manager Ryan Nelson. “They come in, it gets crazy, but with direction it’s very cool to see them actually figure out how the climbing works, how each route works.”
Being the only climbing gym in the valley, Rockfish has become a hub for hundreds of climbers.
“Just having a space to climb year-round was like a huge thing,” said Nelson. “I’ve been told so many times that if Rockfish was not here in the valley, they wouldn’t even think about moving here.”
As popularity continues to grow for both the gym and climbing in general, Nelson explains what he believes makes the sport so enticing.
“You don’t think about anything else, you focus on what you’re doing,” said Nelson. “You’re very present in the moment, I think a lot of people need that this time, especially this time of year.”
Open seven days a week, Rockfish Climbing & Fitness is waiting for any, and all levels of climbers to check it out.


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