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(Pocket-lint) – Google has noticed the shift in the way that TVs have been used since the pandemic forced us to change our habits. They’re not just for content consumption anymore but are often used for follow-along workout training, video conference calls and more.
As such, the brand is looking to better tailor its Google TV service to support these new habits, and it’s going to need its partners to bump up their specifications to do so.

Last month, Google held a partner event behind closed doors. At this meeting, the company discussed plans for the future of Android TV and Google TV devices.
Protocol learned what was discussed at this event, and posted a report that gives us a sneak peek at what’s in store for our living room entertainment system.
Google is looking to integrate fitness-tracking features by capturing real-time data from a FitBit or Wear OS device, which can then be displayed on the screen.
In effect, it should provide a more accessible Peloton-like experience, where you can follow along with a workout on the big screen, while still being able to see your heart rate, calories burned and so on.
The fitness tracking integration will be rolled out in 2023 at the earliest, according to slides obtained by Protocol.
Google is also looking at ways to more closely integrate Android-based TV platforms with its smart home ecosystem.
It wants to allow users to access smart home controls and view security camera feeds without interrupting their normal viewing.
The improved smart home integration will likely come after the fitness features and be implemented throughout 2024.
More immediately, though, Google is working on allowing customers to use their Nest speakers as wireless audio for Google TV.
Eventually, this feature should extend to third-party wireless audio systems, too. 
Finally, Google is planning to add fast-pair functionality to its Pixel Buds, allowing you to pair quickly and easily with your TV.
All of these advanced features require some extra computing power, though, so the brand is asking manufacturers of Google and Android TV products to include 16GB of RAM or more with their Android 13-based TVs.
Strangely, Google’s own Chromecast with Google TV only has 8GB of RAM, so it will be interesting to see if its own device will support all of these new features.

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