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An Innergize dance fitness class is about more than exercise – it’s about empowerment.
“I want to get you moving like you love yourself,” Innergize founder Kelly Gibson said. “Fitness is for life, and we should work out because we love our bodies, not because we have to fix them.”
Gibson is bringing the Innergize energy to The Brightside Music and Event Venue, 905 E 3rd St., with weekly dance fitness classes on Mondays starting on Sept. 12. Monday is all about fitness at The Brightside as Gibson’s class will be held in the ballroom while Brittany Butler, of Brittany Moves, will offer stretching and adult beginning ballet and jazz in the loft. Classes begin at 5:30 p.m.
The Innergize class is a fun, high-energy, one-hour session for all ages and fitness levels with modifications offered as needed. The playlist is designed to motivate and get participants moving to the music. And it’s a no-judgement zone, designed for everybody and every body shape.

“One of my favorite things is when somebody who has struggled with a move finally gets it and the look on their face is just joy,” Gibson said. “So many women are raised to not feel like we’re good enough. We look for flaws and play the comparison game and that’s so unhealthy.”
Gibson knows firsthand about self-doubt as she has struggled with weight throughout her life including grappling with a post-partum weight of 240 after the birth of her now 8-year-old triplets.
“I grew up with weight issues and I didn’t push past barriers because I didn’t want to fail,” she said. “But, as women, we’re stronger when we’re together and helping each other live our healthiest life.”
Her personal struggles have motivated Gibson to help other women deal with their challenges. From overworked professionals to overscheduled moms and teenagers to seniors, Gibson’s emphasis on fitness and empowerment hits home.

“So many of us waste so much time saying, ‘I can’t,’” she said. “Whatever people want to achieve, they can. I truly believe that.”
With upbeat music and the unique Brightside vibe, the hour-long class might just fly by as participants are encouraged to “sweat, shout and let it all out.” Making the classes fun is part of the formula.
“We want people to keep coming back,” Gibson said. “We can’t look for quick fixes because they don’t last.”
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