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Fall Fitness Tips From Trainer Joe Andrews
Personal trainer Joe Andrews on maintaining your workout routine — and sanity — after Labor Day.
Certified fitness coach Joe Andrews believes exercise should complement and improve your life — not take it over. The queer San Franciscan sees working out as part of a personal wellness routine nurtured year-round. In keeping with his approachable (and somewhat ribald!) social media presence, Andrews shares post-summer fitness advice that is informative and achievable. And make sure to follow him on Instagram (@_rebel.warrior_) for more pro tips.
How can we keep up our regimens as the weather gets cooler?
Many people work out for the summer and burn out in the fall because that approach to health and wellness is not sustainable. You gotta fall in love with the process and the journey of becoming stronger. Fitness, or health and wellness, is a lifestyle. If your “why” is just aesthetics, then it’s going to be an uphill battle. Until working out becomes a routine that provides stability and grounding in your life, you’ll most likely remain frustrated in maintaining a fitness regimen. I teach my clients that exercise is just the tip of the iceberg. Other diet and lifestyle factors such as sleep, hydration, breath work, a positive healthy mindset as well as relationships, all contribute to success in maintaining adherence to any fitness regimen.
Some people are still wary of the gym. What do you need to successfully work out at home?
You certainly need to be creative, but you can do a lot with a stability ball and mini-band, as those two pieces of equipment can offer great full-body and targeted exercises. I’ve used the stability ball for squats, hip thrusts, hamstring, hyperextensions, and other core exercises. Whenever I travel, I always bring a mini band with me because they offer more targeted and varied core and glute exercises.
Sit-ups: yay or nay?
Nay, unless they’re on a stability ball.
Any routine or rep you’re obsessed with lately?
I’m an ass guy. So anything that trains the hips, I’m “obsessed” with.
Are any meal plans, shakes, or nutritional supplements worth the expense?
I highly recommend Elite Protein by Green Regimen. It is plant-based, composed of pea and hemp protein.
Any motivational tips for when you’re just not in the workout mood?
Doing something is better than doing nothing. If you’re not in the mood to work out, then take a yoga class, stretch, go for a walk, dance, swim, hike, just move your body. Movement can be medicine in the right dosage.
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