“Karen” threatens to call cops on Black woman for laughing loudly in gym – REVOLT

“Have consideration for other people. Respect, Honey. You’re in a gym,” the white woman said.
A TikTok video showing a white woman confronting a Black woman for simply existing has recently gone viral on social media. In the footage, the Black woman (who does not appear on camera) is working out in what appears to be a small, shared gym in a residential area. The white woman approaches the Black TikToker and lets her know that her loud laugh was offensive.
“Sweetheart, when you laugh like that, you scared — you made me jump out of my skin,” the older white woman says to the TikToker. The young woman is equally startled by having to explain her laughter to another adult. Concerned, she asks, “I’m so sorry. Are you OK?” The white woman becomes agitated while grabbing her belongings to leave. As the TikToker tries to assure her that she didn’t realize she was loud and that the room echos, the annoyed woman becomes increasingly upset.

Before exiting the gym, the white woman says, “I am not complaining about how you laugh or the way you laugh or whatever, but have consideration for other people. Respect, Honey. You’re in a gym.” The Black woman abruptly stops her workout and follows the older lady out of the facility. Along the way, the white woman slams the door in her face. During this time, the TikToker does not engage with the woman, she only continues to record the incident. Next, the white woman threatens to call the police.
According to the Atlanta Black Star, as of yesterday (Aug. 22), the original video could no longer be found on TikTok’s platform. However, the video has been shared by other users. In a YouTube video, Dr. Rashad Richey dissects the interaction and allows others to discuss the topic. One guest says if the white woman hates hearing Black people laugh so much, he would “sentence this Karen to 10 years of watching ‘The Bernie Mac Show.’” It is unknown if cops ever showed up to stop the laughter.
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