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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – A new fitness facility in Savannah is inviting the community to stop by the location on for what it’s calling a “Tuesday Tune-In.”
It’s a chance to hang out, play games, and maybe try a free workout. It’s one of the many ideas co-owner Ricky Asplen has to engage the community in mind, body and spirt at AMPT – short for Athletics and Mindfulness Personal Training.
“We’ve taken a very holistic approach to fitness,” Asplen said. “It’s not just about coming in here, picking up heavy things and putting them down. I could teach you how to do that I can teach you about proper movement patterns. But you’re only gonna get so much out of it until you run into your mind being the limitation right.”
Asplen opened the gym with friend and fellow veteran Travis Kurtz. The two connected as ROTC rivals in college. They bonded over similar demons and an outlet to overcome them.
“We both fought anxiety, depression, and just like really self isolating habits and so we kind of bonded in that,” Asplen said. “Fitness was our way to kind of escape from that.”
Asplen says their mutual love of philosophy and fitness led them to launch the business and ultimately to Savannah.
“Southern hospitality is 100% a thing,” Asplen said. “We started meeting people, chit chatting, networking, and we loved like small city, big town vibe. Everybody knew everybody. It was super easy to chitchat with people. We met a lot of genuine people here and the short time that we’ve been here.”
Since opening in May, AMPT has hosted workshops and other events in their new hometown, hoping to make a connection mentally, physically or spiritually.
“We want to consistently offer those different voices, those different messages, and one of those times it could be the thing that makes something click and changes your life.”
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