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After spending two decades being glued to our screens, we are finally witnessing a shift as more people are recognizing the critical need to be healthier and more fit. The COVID pandemic, having pushed us indoors for months on end, also made us aware of how fragile our bodies actually are. But, going to the gym isn’t as easy or fun as Tiktokers may want us to believe.
First, the prohibitive membership fees, then add in the fact that almost all gyms are scary-level dirty – being an epicenter of bacteria – who would want to spend an hour or two in that environment? But this is 2022! Someone is always solving (most of) our problems for us somewhere…
Yep, you did indeed read that right! The ambitious Unitree team explicitly says they are NOT planning to make gyms obsolete with their portable, lightweight, and extremely powerful PUMP, an all-in-one fitness machine. But we don’t see how that won’t eventually happen!
Unitree PUMP comes with a built-in motor that can smartly control resistance and supports both concentric and eccentric training. Whether you want to anchor PUMP to a door or your foot, PUMP fits your exercise routine like it’s been custom designed for you. Its free app further makes things convenient by acting like your personal coach with 100s of tutorials that keep getting updated.
The perfect PUMP user can be anyone: you are an introvert and don’t like going to gyms; you have a busy schedule and can’t make it to the gym; you are always traveling and need something to be on your fingertips on the go; despite paying the gym fee, you have only managed to go there about twice a year; or you just need a fitness partner on those off days…
But the Unitree team believes the best use case for PUMP is to act as an add-on to your regular fitness routine for days you can’t make it to the gym. For fitness lovers who feel bummed out when they miss one session at the gym, PUMP will be the perfect fitness equipment to get your daily training maintained without going to the gym. The team also recommends this product to beginners who want to start their fitness journey.
One of the biggest features of Unitree PUMP is its FOC patented motor that can smartly control resistance, and by adding both the concentric and eccentric modes, Unitree has ensured the stable resistance will evenly stimulate all your muscle groups, significantly improving your fitness results.
Unitree Robotic, with over 100 patents, is a pioneer in robot development and manufacturing. The team has just launched its Kickstarter campaign for PUMP, hoping to connect with tech-focused consumers, fitness lovers, and travelers who are always on the road to help the team deliver an amazingly reliable fitness partner.
PUMP covers functions of more traditional fitness equipment than any other smart machine, making it a much more cost-effective solution as it removes the need to buy other equipment. Excited to be an early backer of this brilliant new product that intelligently mixes tech with fitness? Unitree team is offering PUMP for a super early bird price of just $159; the retail price will bump up to $259.

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