What's Wrong With Rondout Valleys New Gym Floor? – Hudson Valley Country

The English department must be livid.
School is just about to be in session all across the Hudson Valley. Students and teachers alike are clearing out the cobwebs and are getting ready for a successful school year.
However, one Hudson Valley school district didn't proofread its latest project. And now, they're stuck with a typo for the time being.
Recent Rondout Valley high school graduate, Lili Vitek, posted a picture of the brand-new gym floors of her alma mater. The caption on the photo reads:
this is where your money is going people, welcome to
For those who may be a little confused (like the folks who wrote out the school's motto), Rondout is spelled R-O-N-D-O-U-T. To be fair, many of us pronounce it ROUNDout so we understand the mistake. Sadly, it was on a rather large canvas and we all noticed.
We reached out to Vitek who told us that the school had done renovations throughout the school district and added "they actually misspelled it multiple times in multiple gyms."
She tells us that many varsity athletes have noticed the mistake as pre-season started back in August. While some of the faculty is upset, Vitek says "we all find it so funny!"
So will the misspelling be fixed anytime soon? According to Vitek Rondout Valley School district sent out a message explaining that  "the company that redid them misplaced the stencils and will be fixing it at no cost to the school."
While everyone is having a good laugh Vitek says that the Rondout is a "really great school."


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