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Day two of the Madrid Championship is underway and the venue is noticeably buzzing with more people and energy than the day prior. The first event of the day and third of the competition (fourth score, given that Round 1 and 2 was counted as one event with two scores), True Form True Fitness, a sprint-style event with a relatively heavy barbell overhead and a 6-minute cap, shook up the leaderboard; fitting for a Saturday, typically known as “moving day” in CrossFit competitions. 
True Form True Fitness: 
Lazar Dukic, who had a 1st place and two 6th place finishes yesterday, finished 19th on True Form True Fitness, and his brother Luka got 29th. Meanwhile, Travis Mayer and Aniol Ekai tied for 2nd, 5-seconds behind winner David Shorunke.
“Because of some injuries I had in the past I had to work on a lot of overhead stability and hip stability, so for me, overhead lunges are somewhat of a strength,” said Shorunke, who is actually coming off a two-year hiatus after qualifying for the online stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games. “I heard a lot of athletes say it was more consideration for the lunges, whereas for me it was more of a case of really pushing the run because I know I can handle the lunge.” 
Each segment of the lunges had to be completed unbroken, and many athletes were visibly struggling to maintain good position and take consistent steps after the rope climbs and run buy-in. 
“I think athletes underestimate how fatiguing 500m at game pace can be, especially when it’s followed by an overhead lunge where there is very little room for error with that heavy bar overhead,” Jake Marconi, HWPO Head of Programming, said. “It’s easy to think you need to be first off each station but with a lunge at the end you need to be able to execute when you get there.”
Anikha Greer, who won CanWest back in July, secured sixth place on True Form True Fitness, propelling her into the top 10 going into the rest of the weekend. 
“I definitely didn’t expect to be almost in the top five on that one. I went in with a better headspace because I got some time back from those huge no-reps I got on the clean and jerk workout last night which was really, really gutting because I loved that workout. But yeah, rope climbs and running and even lunges aren’t necessarily things that I’ve been naturally good at. I mean I’m 5’2, right? But we’ve done them literally every day for the past year trying to get better at them,” Greer said. 
“I went in with the mindset of trying to make myself proud and try to prove all of the work you’ve done actually did something… I was very happy with how I executed it. That was probably the best executed workout of the weekend so far.” 
There’s still many points up for grabs across the next four events as the action continues here in Spain for the first individual and team out of season competition.
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