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As the semester begins, students navigate a packed student fitness center.
The BYU Fitness Center has experienced an influx of gym-goers the first few weeks of the semester as the number of students increases on campus.
According to several students, fitness resolutions seem to correlate with increased gym attendance during the first part of fall semester.
Fitness Center front desk attendant Gage Hurst said he noticed the recent influx of gym attendants. “What I’ve been told by my coworkers, because this is my first year working here, is that most people in the first couple weeks of school have a workout plan they try to do during their free time,” Hurst said.
However, Hurst also said he does not expect such high numbers at the gym to last through the semester. “As soon as classwork increases, students tend to stop coming to the gym, so it gets less busy around the times that are super packed,” Hurst said.
To navigate the gym while it’s busy, Hurst gave some insight on what times of day may be best to come.
“I’d say the biggest thing that stops people from coming back is the amount of people, so the best times to keep working out are during the middle of the day when there are the most classes,” Hurst said. “8 a.m.-2 p.m. is usually when we have the least amount of people because that’s when people are usually in class or hanging out with friends.”
YFitness wellness coach Katie Graves said students also want to continue their fitness habits from the summer. “Many students had a successful workout routine during the summer and want to continue on or use the new school year to make ‘New Year’s’ resolutions,” Graves said.
Graves suggested a few other ways to enjoy workouts on campus, rather than navigating a packed gym.
“While the traffic is pretty tough in the beginning of the semester, I would suggest joining YFit classes,” Graves said. “They are free to full-time students with a wristband and provide a great workout, plus you can attend whenever is best for you.”
Richards Building information desk attendant Abbie Summers said that a lot of people come in to get wristbands from her, which allow access to both the Student Fitness Center and YFitness classes.
Students can find a full YFitness schedule online. Classes include yoga, barre, cycling, HIGH Fitness and many more that fit a wide variety of fitness levels and interests. Classes are offered at different times throughout the week.
Graves also suggested that women check out the Women’s Fitness Center in the women’s locker room on the first floor of the Richards Building. This still requires a wristband, but may be a less busy option for women.
Above all, Graves encouraged students to schedule exercise for the time that works best for them.
“Take a look at your schedule and plan when it is best for you,” Graves said. “If you feel sluggish in the afternoon or evening, working out in the morning can help you accomplish your exercise goals in the most beneficial way. You know yourself better than anyone.”
BYU junior Wilson Stoddard said it’s important to make fitness a priority. “Make it a priority,” Stoddard said. “I’ve still got homework to do, but I just go to the gym and I can get that done.”


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