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BULLHEAD CITY, AZ.- October 21, 2022-The City of Bullhead City held a groundbreaking ceremony Friday, October 21, for an outdoor Fitness Court at Rotary Park. The small ceremony was attended by City Council members, City staff, members of the media, community partners, and public advocates of the project. The Fitness Court has been designed and partially funded by the National Fitness Campaign (NFC); a non-profit organization founded in 1979 to build a free outdoor fitness court within a 10-minute bike ride of every American.
              The Fitness Court is a 38-foot by 38-foot outdoor exercise area designed for people to flow through while getting a full-body workout using their own body weight. The court has seven distinct zones for different exercise activities (core, push, pull, lunge, bend, squat, and agility). The design is intended for a high intensity 7-minute circuit. Printed graphics on the front and side walls contain information on how to use the court, as well as information on how to download the Fitness Court mobile app. The Mobile App can be used to learn how to use the Fitness Court, to get training guidance, and to find other fitness courts. The Fitness Court is an innovative outdoor bodyweight circuit training center designed to improve the quality of life in cities, schools, parks, and trails across America.  The outdoor Fitness Court will be used by park goers to keep active and stay healthy. The City envisions this being a positive addition to improving community healthcare and outdoor recreation facilities.
The Bullhead City Fitness Court project is expected to cost $192,00.00. Funding for the project has come from the BHHS Legacy Foundation, the National Fitness Campaign, and the City of Bullhead City. The BHHS Legacy Foundation has donated $100,000.00, the National Fitness Campaign has donated $30,000.00, and the City of Bullhead City is planning to spend $65,000.00, while seeking $40,000.00 in additional sponsorships. Over the next year, additional features to the Fitness Court are being considered and the City seeks to obtain more sponsorships.
“Thank you for all that you do and all that you do for our non-profits that come to you and ask you for help. You guys are just terrific,” said Mayor Brady of the BHHS Legacy Foundation during the ceremony. “As such, we’re able to make the improvements not only to our parks system, but for so many other things that happen in our community.”
Assistant to the City Manager, Edigar Kajirwa added, “This project is a testament of the great relationship and leadership from the City and Community. With such support, staff under the direction of the City Council and City Manager, have been able to undertake key projects that have a positive impact on the quality of life in Bullhead City.”
Sponsors for the Fitness Court will have their names and logos printed on a large artwork mural along the back wall of the fitness court in full view of the park. Interested partners are encouraged to reach out to Jackie Jensen, Bullhead City Sponsorship Coordinator at or (928) 763-9400 x 246.
             The City received the shipment of the Fitness Court on September 27th, 2022. Lopez Construction, under contract with the City of Bullhead City, will begin construction on the fitness court Monday, October 24. The contractor will prep the site and poor the concrete slab before November. The Concrete will need 30 days to cure, before any additional work can be done. Once the concrete cures, the City will install the flooring, the back wall, the exercise equipment, and design artwork. The City anticipates opening the fitness court for the public in early December or early January.
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