Masters Fitness Collective Championship: Grasis Gets First Live Event Win, Muhammad's Comeback Continues – Morning Chalk Up

For the third consecutive year, the Master’s Fitness Collective (MFC) Championship took place in Fort Wayne, IN this past weekend. Two competition floors (100,000 square feet of space), a 23-lane pool and full outdoor parking lot housed the 400 plus individuals and 70 two-person teams over three days of competition.
As the adage goes, “a rising tide lifts all ships”, and MFC partnered with other CrossFit licensed events as a means of qualifying for their championship competition. The 2022 winner of each age group division at Wodapalooza, Masters HQ, Granite Games, CanEast, and the Madrid Championship automatically received an invite for the competition. 
Results: Fourteen different age groups in two individual divisions (Elite and RX), and 10 teams of two in each age group threw down at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, and you can view the full leaderboard here. Your elite individual top podium winners (female/male):
For the elite individual men, Elijah Mihammad makes a strong second appearance back into the swing of things, finishing on top of the podium in his second major individual competition since 2017. We caught up with him at the Madrid Championship in September where he was kicking the dust off after primarily focusing on family in the few years prior. 
On the women’s side, Lindsey Grasis, owner of CrossFit 1977 in Massachusetts, was delighted to compete after finding out that there was a 30-34 division. Grasis is also a firefighter and has been competing in the Open since 2014. 
“I honestly didn’t know the MFC had a division for 30-34 year-olds, as CrossFit usually doesn’t title anything ‘Masters’ until 34+. It was actually one of the coaches at my CrossFit 1977 affiliate, Justin Rodger, who urged me to do it with him. He had done it in years past and spoke very highly of the competition,” Grasis said. “I’m very glad I listened!”
And to add to the good news, Grasis achieved her first ever live event win with “Speed Kills” (part A) on Saturday.
“I think I had the most fun during the bike/bar muscle up workout! It was my first ever live event win in all the years I’ve competed. Since it was an interval workout I had a pretty good feeling I was going to win the event around round three, so it was a bonus to get to soak it all in for two more rounds,” she said. “It went better than expected, but that’s because when I practiced it I was on day five of Covid and it felt much different on my lungs then.” 
She went on to get another first place, this time in “Jack Ketch”, later that same day in a workout that contained six legless rope climbs. 
“Legless (rope) climbs have always been one of my weaker movements, so I’ve been working really hard on getting better at them,” she said. “Taking an event win on that workout completely shocked me, and having it be a head to head sprint finish and going back and forth on reps with Shelby (Forney) the entire workout made it that much more rewarding and fun.”
Catch up: You can watch the live stream from any of the three days on our YouTube channel. And, you can view all the workouts (maybe take one for a spin yourself!) on our MFC competition page.
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