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Oct 26, 2022, 08:15 ET
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HONG KONG, Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Travelers looking to fight inflation can use car rental search engine QEEQ to find the best deal and receive a 10 percent discount with other perks as a Diamond Member.
At the same time, dealers who sign up with QEEQ to rent their vehicles have access to free inventory and management tools that could otherwise be prohibitory expensive and will help grow their businesses as the platforms finds new customers.

QEEQ and its global car dealers have been experiencing an explosion of clients who are taking advantage of deals and incentives offered by the platform to rent vehicles, surpassing order volume even before the pandemic.
“Car rental dealers that use our platform can use QBooking Solutions for free to manage their business,” said QEEQ CEO Ben Lee. “The web-based car rental system provides all the features and solutions needed to run every aspect of a car rental business anywhere in the world.”
The supplier management and order management system can improve business management efficiency capabilities and reduce operating costs.
The platform allows car rental dealers and agencies to optimize their inventory and pricing strategies. Its features include inventory and reservation management, price configuration, and multiple branch management tools.
It generates car rental bookings by allowing dealers access to other marketing channels, saving the costs of finding new customers. QBooking Solutions can also improve inventory management and saves operating costs while providing statistics and performance reports.
Some main features include managing quotations quickly in an ergonomically designed inventory management system, multi-dimensional statistical analysis, user-defined reports, multi-device support, and other useful features. 
QBooking Solutions also allows dealers to print out rental agreements that can be tailored to different operational requirements and business models.
Most small and medium-sized car dealers lack the resources and the capability of developing or purchasing a large information management system. This can put them at a competitive disadvantage.
Similar features that QBooking Solutions offer for free can be prohibitively expensive for dealers if they purchase a comparable management system on their own.
“QBooking Solutions can change that. Now, these smaller dealers can compete with the bigger players on a level playing field,” said Lee.
QBooking Solutions can help boost the business of any global car rental dealer by helping them find new customers and improving the efficiency of their operations. It also helps process order information more efficiently to improve service and operational capabilities.
The SaaS platform ultimately reduces operational costs to ensure dealerships achieve a qualitative change in operations to the greatest extent possible.
Through systematization and automation, the QEEQ booking platform improves the speed of order processing and supports multi-dimensional management of brands, dealer store locations, vehicles, insurance packages, users, etc.
This industry-leading inventory management algorithm ensures that vehicles are rented out as quickly as possible at the highest possible rate. The platform also provides an API interface to facilitate self-service access to more channel platforms and can analyze rental market conditions.
These features include order status, and store operation time along with other variables, allowing dealers to cut excess vehicle inventory and improve operational efficiency for maximum cost savings and profitability.
“Dealers interested in expanding their car rental business can request a demo or sign up for our QBooking Solutions for free at our website. In November travelers can also find the best deals on rooms and the hotel industry will also have access to the same integrated solution,” said Lee.
QEEQ prides itself on matching customers with car rental dealers all around the world with excellent customer service and innovative features.
The company is an experienced car rental specialist, providing online services for more than 100,000 locations in 200 countries. QEEQ was founded in 2017 and has served more than five million travelers with a mission of making travel easier anywhere in the world.
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