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The Google Play store is full of free fitness apps to try out, but many are full of ads. Try these completely ad-free apps instead.
You can find tons of health and fitness apps on Google Play, so much so that choosing one out of the lot is difficult. And often, just when you start to like one, it presents you with intrusive ads and pop-ups to dampen your whole experience.
Here, you'll find a collection of some of the best apps in this category that contain no third-party ads at all. You may see the odd message to upgrade to the pro version, but there won't be any external ads getting in the way of your fitness. So, let's look at this list of the best health and fitness Android apps that are ad-free to help you focus on your workouts.
Google Fit intends to provide you with a ground where you can get into shape in the comfort of your home. The app combines your health-related data like nutrition, body measurements, vitals, and sleep to create a plan for you to achieve a healthier life.
Google Fit gets its activity recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA). So, whatever the app recommends you to do, you can rest assured that it is well-researched.
You earn heart points—a kind of activity goal to aim to achieve—based on the type of activity you do. You'll get one heart point by doing one physical activity.
You can also monitor your workouts from your phone, watch, and other Google Fit gadgets. In addition, it counts all of your movements and recommends staying healthy using the AHA guidelines.
Download: Google Fit (Free)
adidas Training is a great app for nearly all fitness levels and lifestyles, but the app mainly caters to people who want to do strength training at home. It contains more than 50 workout videos, starting from warmups and guiding you through complex exercises. It also features over 300 exercises, as well as workouts for different phases of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.
Unlike most fitness apps, adidas Training contains videos of real trainers instead of animated ones. And in the premium version, you get to unlock features such as access to a wide variety of plans for weight loss and muscle gain.
Download: adidas Training (Free, in-app purchases available)
FitOn aims to keep you in shape with hundreds of workout videos from famous trainers that can act as motivation for beginners. It also has the option to craft personalized plans for weight loss and weight gain.
Another great feature of the app is a collection of calming videos for meditation. And to feed your social needs, it lets you track and share your progress with your friends. The pro version allows you to play premium music during your workouts, TV casting, meal plans, and offline downloads.
Download: FitOn (Free, in-app purchases available)
Strava is one of the most downloaded health and fitness apps on Google Play. It is a social media-friendly app that helps you track your fitness record and share it with your friends using Facebook. Strava records runs, rides, hikes, yoga, and more than 20 other sports activities. The app also helps find the best routes for your rides by tracking the routes other users use and deem appropriate.
You can also build your support network for your fitness with the help of Strava. And in its premium version, you get a heat map that helps you remember routes by highlighting where you have been before. This can help you find some scenic views along the way.
Download: Strava (Free, in-app purchases available)
Samsung Health is a multi-function fitness app that allows you to track your steps by sending you notifications and pop-ups on the home screen. It also lets you record and manage activities like walking, running, using a treadmill, hiking, swimming, and more.
You can record your food, sleep, and water intake to keep a check on your health. Meanwhile, Samsung Health's fitness section contains information related to different workouts, weight loss, muscle building, meditation, and much more. Moreover, you can challenge your friends and family and compete with them.
Download: Samsung Health (Free)
Fitbit focuses on tracking your mental and physical health-related data. One of its great features is meant to promote mindfulness to lower your stress.
You can also track metrics like exercise, menstrual health, water intake, and food intake. And you can set your weight loss or gain goal within the app.
The Discover section of the app offers wellness assessment reports based on your workouts, but this option is for premium users only. Fitbit premium comes with a free 90-day trial where you can get customized health programs and more than 240 video workouts. The premium version also includes programs for building positive habits that can help you get on track to improve your health and fitness.
Download: Fitbit (Free, in-app purchases available)
Nike Training Club contains workouts ranging from yoga and ab workouts to cardio and bodyweight training. It has workouts designed specifically for people of different fitness levels, pregnant women, and individuals focusing on losing weight or gaining muscle. The app contains more than 500 workout plans.
Its Expert Tips section contains tips for nutrition, healthy eating, training, recovery, mindset, and sleep. You'll find plenty of articles that contain useful information about these topics.
Nike Training Club also provides you with the trainers' profiles, including their bio and information about their strengths and personality, which beginners might find useful and motivating. You get to follow along with Nike expert trainers every day from the comfort of your home.
Download: Nike Training Club (Free)
Virtuagym allows you to achieve your fitness goals online using different workouts, community sharing, and progress recording. It has workouts with and without equipment to help you stay fit in the way that's most convenient for you.
A useful feature of this app is its community, where you can join different groups related to topics like home workouts, fitness music, and nutrition. You can also share your experiences through posts and photos. If you like the app, you have the option to upgrade to its pro version, which contains unlimited training programs, audio content, video classes, and many other features.
Download: Virtuagym (Free, in-app purchases available)
Map My Fitness boasts a huge community of users who post their photos and videos of training and workouts. Like any social media app, you can comment on or like others' posts in Map My Fitness.
The app contains work routines with or without equipment, meditation sessions, and training plans where you can get coaching tips for better progress.
If you go for its premium version, you can share your live workout location with your friends and family. This version also offers an audio coach, personalized training plans, heart rate analysis, and other features.
Download: Map My Fitness (Free, in-app purchases available)
Each of these fitness apps is worth trying to discover which feature set suits you the best. And, because they don't contain any third-party ads, there's no catch! Simply download the ones you'd like to try and make a decision after some time testing and building your exercise habit.
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